Internship and Fellowship Information and Requirements

Hodson Internship Application Documents

Students interested in applying for the 2022 Hodson Trust Internship Program should download and carefully read the following documents:

Pathways Fellowship Application Information


  • Open to rising juniors and seniors and graduating seniors on the Annapolis campus in good academic and disciplinary standing
  • Students must be returning to either the Annapolis or Santa Fe campus in the fall immediately following their fellowship experience, unless they are graduating seniors
  • Financial need does not affect a student’s eligibility


  • A Selection Committee consisting of faculty and staff members reviews each completed application
  • Decisions of the Selection Committee are final


  • Students may not receive a Pathways Fellowship and a Hodson Internship Award during the same time period
  • Students do not earn credit toward a St. John’s degree by participating in the Pathways Fellowship program

Terms and Requirements

  • The Pathways Fellowship award may be subject to certain state and federal taxes
  • Students are required to submit evidence of successful completion of the course/program
  • Students are required to write a brief report promptly upon completing their program—a deadline will be given. Reports will be available in the Career Services office and open for review by the College community. These reports do contain the student’s name.


Students interested in applying for the 2022 Pathways Fellowship Program should download and carefully read the following documents:

Students apply directly to the college, university, or certificate program in which they are interested.

The Career Services Office is available to provide advice and guidance for any part of your application.