Spring Semester Plans for Annapolis: Billing and Financial Aid

Billing and Financial Aid Information for the 2021 Spring Semester

Schedule, Due Dates, and Deadlines

December 1 (or sooner): 2021 Spring Survey Due for Undergraduates

  • Please complete the survey as soon as possible (before December 1) so we can ensure there is enough room for all students returning to campus.
  • If you request the option to live on campus, you will hear about housing availability by December 4, and you will be required to sign a new housing contract. All students living on campus will also have a 19-meal dining plan.
  • If you have questions about the survey, please contact us. We recommend using email for a speedy reply, as most college staff are working remotely. Keep in mind that the college is closed for the Thanksgiving holiday from November 26–29.

December 8 (or sooner): Financial Aid Offers Released via Email

  • Your financial aid may change depending upon whether you told us on the survey that you are living on campus, renting an apartment off campus, or staying with family. Expect your financial aid to look similar to Fall 2020 if you continue your current living arrangement, or similar to Spring 2019 if you return to campus. After receiving your financial aid offer, you may contact the Financial Aid Office with any questions.

December 11 (or sooner): Fee Statements Released on mySJC

  • You will receive an email when your fee statement is released on mySJC. It may change depending upon whether you told us on the survey that you are living on or off campus, and whether you have health insurance. After receiving your fee statement, you may contact the Business Office with any questions.

December 11–23: College Open for Questions via Email and Phone

  • You are highly encouraged to contact the college with questions between December 11 and 23. We recommend using email for a speedy reply, as most college staff are working remotely. The college is officially closed for the holidays between December 24 and January 4.

December 24–January 4: College Closed for the Holidays

January 1 (or sooner): Pay Your Fee Statement or Create Your Payment Plan on mySJC

  • You should pay the amount owed on your spring semester fee statement, or create a payment plan, by January 1. The spring semester payment plan will begin on January 1 and will include four payments due on January 1, February 1, March 1, and April 1. If you want to divide your payments into a more typical five-month plan, you can prepay any amount after fee statements are released on December 11, and then begin regular payments on January 1.


Regardless of whether students are on campus or taking classes remotely, tuition will remain the same: $35,000. The college lowered tuition to $35,000 in 2018 and has decided to freeze tuition at this amount for the year, despite average increases of 3 percent or more at most colleges. The money you pay toward tuition funds the salaries of our tutors and allows us to keep classes small, which are costs that have not changed whether classes are offered on campus or online. In these unusual times, classes might even be smaller than usual (between 10–20 students). Unlike colleges creating pre-recorded lectures online or increasing class sizes to reduce costs, St. John’s is committed to live, discussion-based classes led by tutors where all students participate. We are confident that our classes are among the best available at any college—whether on campus or online.

Work Study for the Spring

Work study opportunities on campus may be limited. If you do not currently have a work study job and are interested in one, please contact the Financial Aid Office.

Contact Information

We encourage you to use email for the quickest reply since most college staff are working remotely.

Admissions (for January Freshmen)

Business Office (for questions about the fee statement)

Financial Aid Office (for questions about financial aid)

Housing (for questions about on-campus housing and dining)

 Graduate Institute