Campaign Priorities

St. John’s is committed to offering our distinctive academic Program to a diverse community of thinkers who are supported in their work. All four priorities for Freeing Minds will ensure that St. John’s can deliver on this promise—without putting the experience beyond any student’s reach.

  • Four priorities are transforming the future of St. John's

    • Academic Support

      More than one-third of gifts to Freeing Minds address the needs of our faculty and ensure the future vibrancy of the college and the Program.

    • Student Support

      Freeing Minds will bring more students to the most rigorous college in America and help them flourish—in and out of the classroom.

    • Financial Stability

      Ever the contrarians, St. John’s emerged from the pandemic with an improving financial picture, due in large part to support for Freeing Minds.

    • Campus Improvements

      A variety of improvements are underway on both campuses, including projects that will shrink our carbon footprint and build community—without adding new buildings.

Academic Support


Although much has changed at St. John’s, our commitment to our rigorous academic Program remains unwavering—and so does our commitment to helping students and tutors take this unforgettable journey together.

Other colleges and universities are constantly revising their teaching methods and changing their curricula, frequently adding and subtracting courses and majors on a whim. At St. John’s, academic support refers to something simpler but more profound: It means protecting our distinctive way of learning, regardless of the amount of tuition our students can afford to pay.

Many of the gifts allocated to this priority will be invested, so the protection they provide can endure.

Student Support


A full third of gifts to Freeing Minds will be allocated to the scholarships and support initiatives that keep the St. John’s experience attainable and transformative for students of all backgrounds.

Areas that will benefit from this priority include:

  • Career services
  • Internships and fellowships
  • Health and wellness programming
  • Scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students
  • Summer Academy scholarships for high school students
  • Athletics and other activities that enhance student life

Financial Stability


The college expected to end the 2021 fiscal year with a modest Covid-related deficit. Instead, your gifts helped St. John’s to beat those expectations and meet the goal we set five years ago: to end FY21 with a balanced budget after years of running a structural deficit.

Your ongoing generosity will support our continued financial vitality and allow St. John’s to operate in a way that relies more on gifts and investments and less on student tuition.

Campus Improvements


Unlike some of our peers, St. John’s isn’t participating in the arms race to build lavish facilities that come with extravagant price tags that students have to pay. Instead, your gifts will provide students and tutors with the ideal home for pursuing big ideas: campuses that are beautiful, safe, and comfortable—campuses that inspire wonder and are wonderfully intimate.

  • In Annapolis, your gifts updated historic McDowell Hall, gave students a more comfortable coffee shop, and added a modern serving area to our traditional dining hall.
  • In Santa Fe, your gifts funded campus-wide repairs, renovated the common areas in our student dorms, and laid the groundwork for a conversion to solar power.
  • A project is now underway that will transform the student experience in Annapolis and reestablish Mellon Hall as a center of community life and the arts.

What these priorities will accomplish—and how you can help

Alumni and Friends are Making a Difference

Your gifts to Freeing Minds are keeping the Program strong today while preparing the college for an even stronger tomorrow.

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