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Frequently Asked Questions About Giving

Making Giving Simple

What is the Fund for St. John's?

The Fund for St. John’s provides $3 million annually for the two campuses, supporting financial aid, academic excellence, student life, and outreach programs. Gifts to the Fund for St. John’s have an immediate impact and enable the college to provide access and programs beyond what other sources of revenue would provide.

Can I designate my gift for a specific purpose?

Alumni, parents, and friends can designate their gift to the Fund for St. John’s specifically for financial aid, for academic excellence, or for student life. Endowment gifts can be designated for scholarships or other purposes.

This is a tough year. Why should I make a contribution, and why is my gift important to St. John's?

Thirty percent of the college’s operating budget this past year came directly through philanthropy—gifts to the Fund for St. John’s, foundation grants to fund faculty study and curricular development, draw on endowment, and bequests from individuals. This support from alumni, friends, parents, and foundations is essential to the college’s financial well-being. Gifts provide the funds to meet students’ financial aid needs, for expanding the breadth and improving the quality of the classroom experience, and for initiatives in career services, internship programs, athletics and wellness, and a vibrant campus life program. Every gift counts. St. John’s would not have the outstanding Program that it offers without these gifts.

What is the endowment? What is its purpose? How much is it worth?

The endowment is like the college’s savings account—money contributed to endowment is invested and the principal remains untouched. The endowment grows through market performance and through new gifts. The college draws between 4.5% and 5.5% from the endowment every year to use toward running the college. As of December 31, 2013, the college endowment stood at $145 million.

The St. John’s College endowment is highly diversified so as to minimize risk and managed by a team of investment managers, under the oversight of the Board of Visitors and Governors.

How does the college fund building projects?

Building projects are funded separately from other priorities. Neither the Fund for St. John’s nor endowment money is used to build and renovate campus facilities. Special fundraising takes place to secure money for identified projects: two dormitories in Annapolis and the Graduate Institute building and Winiarski Student Center in Santa Fe, for example, were made possible with special gifts made during the college’s capital campaign.

How can I make a gift to the college?

St. John’s College
PO Box 75905
Baltimore, MD 21275-5905

How can I include St. John's in my will or provide a gift through my estate?

St. John’s recognizes those who have provided for the college in their estates through the Tocqueville Society. The college offers a variety of ways to participate in planned giving through bequests, trusts, annuities, etc.