Unseen Treasures! The St. John’s College Fine and Decorative Arts Collection

September 15, 2020–Continuing

Did you know that St. John’s College has a collection of more than 800 pieces of fine and decorative art? Our Mitchell Gallery docents have stepped up to talk about some of the pieces in the collection that are generally never seen by the public. Check this web page for dates and topics on pieces including outdoor sculptures, ukiyo-e prints, engravings, paintings, and sometimes obscure but interesting objects. Free and open to the public.


Salvador Dali  Crucifixion (Corpus Hypercubus)

Docent Jerri Falk examines Salvador Dali's Crucifixion (Corpus Hypercubus)

Mitchell Gallery Docent Jerri Falk discusses a lithograph of Salvador Dali’s Crucifixion (Corpus Hypercubus), which is part of the St. John’s College Decorative and Fine Arts Inventory.

Watch the Video on Dali’s Crucifixion (Corpus Hypercubus)

Portrait of Samuel W. Freeny

Art Educator Lucinda Edinberg pays homage to the Portrait of Samuel W. Freeny

Mitchell Gallery Art Educator Lucinda Edinberg pays homage Samuel W. Freeny, a USMC officer, minor league baseball player, and 1917 graduate of St. John’s College.

WATCH THE VIDEO ON the Portrait of Samuel W. FReeny

WWI Monument: St. John’s College Veterans Memorial

Unseen Treasures World War I Monument

Mitchell Gallery Docent Kathy Clatanoff discusses the World War I memorial created by sculptor Hans Schuler. The memorial is dedicated to the 452 alumni who answered the call of duty.

Watch the Video on the WWI Monument