COVID-19 Dashboard for Santa Fe

Weekly Update for the Santa Fe Campus

Updated January 17, 2022

Level Yellow: Because of rapidly worsening national and regional health conditions due to the Omicron variant of COVID-19, St. John’s College, Santa Fe will be moving to online classes for the first week of the spring semester, January 17–21, to allow health conditions to improve. Our goal is to begin in-person classes on Monday, January 24, assuming case counts on campus are at a manageable level.

Opening Considerations: Hosting fewer students on campus and in dormitories during the projected Omicron peak will further strengthen our public health efforts; therefore, we encourage students who are able to delay their return to campus to do so. At present, we can accommodate a delayed return as late as January 23 and will keep students updated if a later return may be possible. Please read through the yellow dashboard explanation below for additional operations details.

Current Trends: Over the past 14 days the positivity rates and case counts are steadily rising for both the county and the state. The number of fully vaccinated individuals continues to rise weekly.

Total Positive Residential Student Tests: 8

On March 10, this metric was retitled to reflect the total count of residential students who have tested positive, rather than a positivity rate.

On March 10, we removed the Campus Positivity Rate from our list of internal factors but will continue to report the total count of positive residential students.

Total Residential Student Tests: 2399

What Our Color Levels Mean

Our overall campus alert level above is marked by a color; this ranges from blue, the lowest alert level, to red, the most restrictive alert level. Each level has different reopening and operational considerations and outcomes. See below for a summary of each color’s likely outcomes for operations once we are in session.

State and County regulations and requirements

STATE: New Mexico has ended the tiered red-to-turquoise reopening matrix, which allowed for limited economic reopening by county; however, on August 20, 2021 the Governor implemented a state-wide indoor mask mandate. The New Mexico Higher Education Department continues to encourage institutions with a mixed population of both people who are fully vaccinated and those who are not to continue the use of prevention strategies that will reduce spread.

Vaccine progress: The New Mexico Department of Health is currently reporting 89.6 percent of the state’s residents age 18+ having received their first shot and 76.3 percent having received both shots.

COUNTY: As of August 20, 2021 there is a state-wide indoor mask mandate in place.

Vaccine progress: The New Mexico Department of Health is currently reporting 86 percent of the county of Santa Fe ages 18+ having completed the vaccination series.


Decision Input Operating Factor | Status
Number of SJC community cases 16
On-campus vaccination rate 95%
Number of on-campus isolation beds in use 0
State positivity rate 19.8%
County positivity rate 22.8%
State vaccination rate 76.3% ages 18+
County vaccination rate 86% ages 18+
National, state, and/or county regulations or guidance Statewide indoor mask mandate

Vaccination rates are reflective of the state population age 18 and above.


We use data from a number of sources for our internal and external indicators, including official information from the New Mexico Department of Health, results from our testing provider and internal measurements.

Overall alert levels are determined by careful weighing of all internal and external inputs, the recent trends of key indicators and regional, statewide and national data.