Beyond the Seminar Table

St. John’s is a lively community of learning. Conversations begun in the classroom spill over onto the quad and the placita, and our students naturally pursue life outside the classroom with the same passion and intensity that they bring to their studies.

Fun Facts About St. John's

Arcadia Campus Dog Annapolis St Johns College


Arcadia is the campus dog in Annapolis.

Stat Icon Ice Cream


The dining hall serves ice cream at every meal.

Dance Parties on the Annapolis Campus


St. John's has monthly dances and Waltz parties.

Annapolis Campus Planetarium


The Annapolis campus features an observatory and a planetarium.

Santa Fe Students Talking


About 80% of students live on campus, including all freshmen.

Santa Fe Town Attractions


Santa Fe has a rich history and culture, with many art galleries and markets.