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Office of Public Safety

In Case of an Emergency

To report a crime or campus emergency in Annapolis, call ext. 2000 from a campus phone or 443-336-2348. If no answer, call 911. The Office of Public Safety is located in Pinkney Hall. Public Safety staff are on campus 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Public Safety Mission

We protect the campus, serve the campus community, and preserve the good order of the college.

Information and Resources

e2campus Emergency Alert System

Alerts via text or email notify the community of serious crimes and other dangerous situations (or campus delays and closing due to weather) via the St. John’s mass alert system, e2Campus. These alerts may contain descriptions of emergencies along with basic instruction on what to do. Sign up to receive e2Campus alerts

Campus Police Authority and Jurisdiction

St. John’s College Public Safety officers are certified Campus Police officers and serve under Public Safety Article Title 3-Subtitle 3 Special Police Officers appointed by the Governor of the State of Maryland. Each special police officer shall protect and preserve peace and good order and arrest individuals who trespass or commit offenses and exercise the powers of a police officer on the property (St. John’s College, Annapolis) described in the application for the commission.

Public Safety and Police Policies 

Public Safety is committed to reducing crime, disorder, and the fear of crime on campus. In the form of foot patrol, officers provide security 24 hours per day throughout the year. Additional patrol personnel are provided during times of increased activity on campus. All criminal reports will be investigated. Violations of the law may be referred to law enforcement agencies or to the college’s assistant dean as appropriate. The Daily Crime Log is available during regular business hours in the Office of Public Safety.

Officers carry a cell phone and may be contacted 24 hours a day at 443-336-2348. They may also be alerted via the LiveSafe app.

Meet the Public Safety Team

Robert Mueck Public Safety Annapolis St Johns
Chief Robert Mueck
Director of Public Safety

Michael Boston Public Safety Annapolis St Johns
Captain Michael Boston
Associate Chief

Brittany Hurdle Public Safety Annapolis St Johns
Officer Brittany Hurdle

Ryan Colman Public Safety Annapolis St Johns
Officer Ryan Colman

Eric Lane Public Safety Annapolis St Johns
Officer Eric Lane