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Report Misconduct

Reporting Sexual Misconduct

In case of an emergency, please call 911.

For more detailed information, see how to get help.

The college does not tolerate sexual misconduct (sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking, and sexual coercion). Title IX coordinators are responsible for overseeing the college’s response to complaints of sexual misconduct.

Title IX Coordinators


Lead Title IX Coordinator

Danielle Lico, Executive Director of Campus Health and Wellness

Title IX Coordinators

Taylor Waters, Director of Student Services
410-626-2512 | taylor.waters(at)

Lynn Hobbs, Director of Personnel
410-626-2504 | lynn.hobbs(at)

Santa Fe

Lead Title IX Coordinator

Christine Guevara, Executive Director of Campus Health and Wellness
505-984-6925 | christine.guevara(at)

Title IX Coordinators

Aaron Young, Director of Human Resources
505-984-6925 | aaron.young(at)

Procedures and Processes

What Title IX Coordinators Will Discuss

  • How to get support either on or off campus
  • The definitions and policies regarding sexual misconduct (including sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking, and sexual coercion)
  • The kinds of help that may be available to you, even if you decide not to file a complaint, to make conditions on campus tolerable for all parties concerned (for instance, changing academic or living situations, no-contact orders, etc.)
  • How the complaint and investigation process works
  • Whether you would like to file criminal charges (If you wish to file criminal charges, the college can assist you.)

Complaint and Investigation Process

  • Title IX coordinators will ask your permission to refer the complaint to be investigated by the assistant dean and the director of Public Safety
  • If you request confidentiality or that the complaint not be pursued, the college will take all reasonable steps to honor your request, but will consider the request in light of the college’s obligation to ensure a safe campus environment
  • The investigation will ordinarily involve interviewing you, the person you are accusing, and any witnesses that you and the accused name (You and the accused will not be interviewed at the same time.)
  • After examining the evidence and interviewing the witnesses, the investigators will present the interview summaries and other materials to a sexual misconduct review panel
  • The sexual misconduct review panel will determine whether a policy violation has been found and the consequences of any violation
  • If you or the accused are dissatisfied with the investigator’s decision, you may file an appeal with the dean
  • Retaliation of any kind based on the filing of a sexual misconduct complaint is strictly prohibited—the college will take steps to prevent retaliation and will take strong responsive action if it occurs

College Policies

For more complete information on the policies and practices, see the college’s Sexual Misconduct and Harassment Policies and Sexual Intimacies Policy.