Visit St. John’s College


It's a good idea to visit any college you may be considering, but it is especially important in the case of St. John's because of the college's unique curriculum and teaching methods. 

The college’s visit programs on the Annapolis Campus and the Santa Fe Campus are designed to give you a true feeling of both the academic and social aspects of St. John’s. The college offers stand-alone tours, single day visits, and overnight visits. In addition to a tour of the campus, during an overnight visit prospective students can stay in a dormitory and eat meals in the dining hall. Sitting in on classes provides a full picture of academic life. (Note: seminars occur on Monday or Thursday evenings only.)

In addition, you will have the opportunity to meet with a faculty member and/or member of the admissions staff to discuss your questions. You’ll find St. John’s students to be friendly and willing to share their thoughts with you. The only expense for overnight visitors is transportation to campus; visitors will be provided a room in a dormitory and meals in the dining hall.* If you’d like, the Admissions Office can arrange a meeting for you and your parents with a financial aid counselor.

Several times a year, St. John’s also hosts special events in Annapolis and Santa Fe, and in the spring there is an Accepted Students Day on each campus.

(*Limited funding may be available to help those in need of financial assistance get to either campus. For details, contact us.)