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Tragedy of Demosthenes

Posted by Brianne Leith on August 1, 2014

By Brianne Leith (AGI08)


Andrea Radasanu PhD of Northern Illinois University concluded the 2014 Wednesday night lecture series on July 30 in Annapolis’ Great Hall. Radasanu's lecture, entitled "The Tragedy of Demosthenes in Thucydides' Peloponnesian War," presented the significance of a potentially disregarded aspect of the Peloponnesian War. She claimed, “We should not trivialize how important of a character Demosthenes truly is.”

Radasanu presented this summary of her lecture: "I will argue that Demosthenes stands for more than brilliant generalship; through Demosthenes, Thucydides endeavors to provide the reader with important insights about the nature of heroism, the proper disposition of human beings to the exigencies of fortune, and the distinction between civilization and barbarism."

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