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Energeia is a student magazine that publishes literary and artistic work by members of the college community.

Our central ambition is for Energeia to become a solid presence on campus as a venue for the literary and creative ability of the polity. In particular, we recognize the limited formal space in the program for students’ creative writing, and we think that Energeia could go a long way towards providing that space. This function of the magazine will be partly fulfilled by the assistance the Energeia staff can give to authors. Because our school is small, Energeia can take an active editorial role in developing submissions before they are published.

What is the deadline for submissions, and how do I submit my work?

We will be accepting new submissions at the beginning of the spring semester. Deadline date forthcoming. E-mail all submissions to or send them via Annapolis campus mail to Energeia c/o Jennifer Stocklin. 

Guidelines for submitting art

Due to printing limitations, artwork that is taller than it is wide, that works well in black and white, and that has dark lines, will come off best in the magazine (though keep in mind that we can use something in color on the cover).

When will Energeia be published?

The next issue of Energeia will be sent out shortly before winter break.

What will Energeia publish?

We are looking for fiction, poetry, essays, drawings and paintings, and photography. The magazine is neither purely literary nor purely academic, and although our primary aim is for Energeia to publish the literary and creative work of the polity, we do plan on some of the magazine being devoted to academic work.

Who can publish in Energeia?

We will accept submissions from all members of the community – undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, and staff. This is a departure from our policy in the current issue, when we included only student work. Although we still believe that the primary purpose of Energeia lies with the creative life of the students (both undergraduate and graduate), we seek to balance that idea with the recognition that part of the magazine’s virtue is that it could be representative of the entire community. We think it would be ideal if, in the future, one issue a year could be devoted entirely to student work, while another would include pieces from all members of the polity.

E-mail all submissions to or send them via Annapolis campus mail to Energeia c/o Willis McCumber.