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AN Abby Purnell and Jakub PivenEnergeia is a student magazine that publishes literary and artistic work by members of the college community. Meet this year's editors, Jakub Piven (A17) and Abby Purnell (A17), in a recent featured story!

Our central ambition is for Energeia to become a solid presence on campus as a venue for the literary and creative ability of the polity. In particular, we recognize the limited formal space in the program for students’ creative writing, and we want Energeia to provide that space.

What is the deadline for submissions, and how do I submit my work?
We are accepting new submissions now! The deadline for our winter issue is October 20. E-mail all submissions to santafe.studenthealth(at) or send them via Annapolis campus mail to Energeia c/o Jakub Piven or Abby Purnell.

What is this year's theme?
This issue will focus on themes of homecoming: home, childhood, family, and journeys. Work discussing or exploring these themes is preferred, but all submissions will be reviewed and considered. Submissions that are not included in the winter issue will be considered for the spring issue.

When will Energeia be published?
The next issue of Energeia will be sent out shortly before Thanksgiving break.

What will Energeia publish?
We are looking for fiction, poetry, essays, drawings and paintings, and photography. The magazine is both literary and academic, creative and thoughtful. We welcome all submissions!

Who can publish in Energeia?
We accept submissions from all members of the communityundergraduates, graduate students, faculty, and staff.

Current Issue, Spring 2015