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Polity Radio

Posted by St. John's College on May 1, 2012

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Student Publications - Polity Radio

Polity Radio seeks to give a voice to the St. John's polity through radio. The submitted segments reflect the diversity of the students who submit them, and include readings of essays and poetry, music, student-written radio dramas, and more.

Visit the Polity Radio website:

  • May 2012 Pilot
    A new barrier has finally been broached: St. John's students have succeeded in recording sound, and not only that but have turned it into a wonderful three part radio program for the entertainment of all. In fact, it can even be used by those who don't have a giant radio with cool looking knobs. It can be found at the above website. The first episode includes a dramatic reading of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart" by the inimitable Nicholas Day, the first of a recurring segment of on-campus music and bands, and what may be the first of a radio serial starring a St. John's vigilante superhero: "The Disenabler", written by Leonard Franks. Lovely transitions and copyright announcements are provided by Chadwick Reines.