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8/5: St. John’s College

Originally Posted on admin, August 5, 2010

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Santa Fe 
St. John's College Confers Master of Arts Degrees Upon Local Graduate Students


St. John’s College is pleased to announce the graduation on Friday, August 6, 2010 of Alain Maurice Antoine, Robert Johnny Madril, Drew Grant Nucci, and Christopher Robert Strauss of Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Elizabeth A. Stanley of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Mr. Madril, Mr. Nucci, and Ms. Stanley will receive Master of Arts in Liberal Arts degrees, and Mr. Antoine and Mr. Strauss will receive Master of Arts in Eastern Classics degrees.

Commencement ceremonies will begin at 10 a.m. on the Upper Fishpond Placita of the Santa Fe campus. St. John’s tutor Claudia Honeywell delivers the commencement address.  Ms. Honeywell joined the faculty of St. John’s College, Santa Fe, in 1994. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Chicago in 1986 and Master of Arts and Ph.D. (classics and modern Greek studies) from the University of Minnesota in 1991 and 1993, respectively. Before becoming a tutor at St. John’s, she was visiting assistant professor of classics at Cornell College.

St. John’s College strives to give students the tools to understand the human condition through sustained interaction with the great minds of Western civilization. Graduate students explore the persisting questions of human existence by studying classic works of the Western tradition, organized into semester-long thematic segments: Philosophy and Theology, Politics and Society, Literature, Mathematics and Natural Science, and History. There are no majors and no departments; all students study the same program, which includes extensive discussion, reflection, and writing on the classics.

Recent business studies and national commission reports reveal that a liberal arts education develops skills that are invaluable for today’s workforce, including analytical and problem solving abilities, written and oral communications skills, and the ability to adapt to diverse and changing circumstances. In a world in which careers and work environments are changing rapidly, a rigorous, broad-based liberal arts education is increasingly recognized as providing the most advantageous long-term career preparation.