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Spring Weather Triumphs at Croquet, Johnnies Fall

Posted by Brady Lee on April 15, 2014

Navy, 4 – St. John's, 1


Alumni, students and the wider community packed the front lawn of the Annapolis campus for a celebrated rite of spring: the Annual St. John’s – U.S. Naval Academy Croquet match. More than 3,500 attended in festive attiretop hats, seersucker, pearls, and feathered hats that rivaled those of the Kentucky Derbyfor champagne picnics, swing dancing, and reunions with friends and faculty.

Amid the joyous outpouring of spring fever the two teams played a closely contested match.  From the first opening shot at 1 p.m. To the final swing after 8 p.m., the Midshipmen and Johnnies jousted for the beloved Annapolis Cup. Navy made history, winning for the first time two years in a row. Imperial Wicket and St. John’s senior Samuel Collins led the charge against Navy after the Johnnies revealed their uniforms: Greek togas. “I wanted something that would make a statement,” Collins says, “The togas are a return to our roots.”

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Photography by Anyi Guo (A14)