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St. John's in the News


Santa Fe: "So far, Supreme Court has found unanimity in silence on Garland nomination"
Washington Post, April 13, 2016

Santa Fe: "The Gateless Gate: local author Natalie Goldberg talks about Zen and mortality in her new book""
Santa Fe Reporter, April 10, 2016

Santa Fe: "Sotomayor: Still tilting at windmills"
LA Monitor, April 9th, 2016

Santa Fe: "Sonia Sotomayor: The Job of a Justice Has Gotten Much More Complicated"
Wall Street Journal, April 7, 2016

Santa Fe: "'Still tilting at windmills' Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor speaks to the books that inspired her, and the work that continues"
Santa Fe Reporter, April 7, 2016

Santa Fe: "Sotomayor tells St. John's audience to get involved"
Albuquerque Journal, April 7, 2016

Santa Fe: "5 things you need to know today, and a Supreme Court justice is coming to New Mexico"
Albuquerque Business First, April 1, 2016

Santa Fe: "Old-fashioned manners at St. John's College"
Albuquerque Journal, February 29, 2016

Santa Fe: "Forbes picks best college in each state: no huge universities here"
Times Union, February 26, 2016

Santa Fe: "Hamlet on the hill"
The New Mexican, February 19, 2016

Santa Fe: "The quest for the liberal arts – The teacher becomes the student"
NMPolicitcs, February 15, 2016

Christopher B. Nelson – “Where Are The Muckrakers When We Need Them?”
Forbes, February 6, 2016

Santa Fe: "El Zaguán show honors La Fonda & St. John's historic designations"
The New Mexican, February 5, 2016

Christopher B. Nelson – “Empathy: Why It’s Important To Cultivate At The Office”
Forbes, January 17, 2016

Annapolis – “St. John’s lecturer will ask: Did Lincoln deserve to die?”
The Capital, January 15, 2016

Annapolis: “A musical tribute to MLK at Lift Every Voice concert”
The Capital, January 11, 2016

Santa Fe: "Our View: Students face tuition's burden"
New Mexican, January 3, 2016

Santa Fe: "Rare, original edition of Shakespeare's works to make a stop in Santa Fe"
Albuquerque Journal, January 1, 2016



Annapolis – “Maryland & Virginia ‘Bottle Shock’? Regional Wineries Are Stepping Up.”
Chesapeake Living, December 25, 2015

Santa Fe: "Santa Fe ranked sixth-best college town by research group"
Albuquerque Journal North, December 25, 2015

Santa Fe: "St. John's among the 25 oldest colleges in America"
Washington Top News, December 22, 2015

Christopher B. Nelson –“Five Books Seriously Worth Putting Down Your iPhone For This Holiday Season”
Forbes, December 20, 2015

Christopher B. Nelson –“Hello, Old Friend, Time to Read You Again”
Wall Street Journal, December 15, 2015

Santa Fe: "The 20 best college towns"
Business Insider, December 13, 2015

Christopher B. Nelson: "What I'm Reading: 'Middlemarch'"
The Chronicle of Higher Education, December 6, 2015

Santa Fe: "A college is what it reads"
Forbes, November 30, 2015

Santa Fe: "The first images of New Mexico's Godzilla El Nino - all shot on an iPhone"
Outdoor Magazine, November 19, 2015

Santa Fe: "Why is Santa Fe a great place to retire?"
College Town Retirement, November 19, 2015

Annapolis: “Outpouring of Support Continues for France"
The Capital, November 16, 2015

Annapolis: “Maryland college students sing, pray for those killed in Paris, Beirut”
Baltimore Sun, November 16, 2015

Santa Fe: "Cooking Bacon", November 12, 2015

Santa Fe: "National award a great story for The Telling Room"
Portland (ME) Press Herald, Nov. 12, 2015

Christopher B. Nelson: “Latest Research Says Praising Employees Boosts Productivity After All”, November 1, 2015

Santa Fe: "Sketches from Spain: Consuelo Sañudo"
New Mexican, October 23, 2015

Annapolis: Guest column: “Narrowing down your college search”
The Capital, October 18, 2015

Christopher B. Nelson–“Nobel Peace Prize Winner Is a Refreshing Surprise”, October 10, 2015

Santa Fe: "Authentically Designed: Heritage colors in our midst"
New Mexican, October 3, 2015

Santa Fe: "Writers in residence"
New Mexico Magazine, October Issue, 2015

Annapolis: “Capital Camera: Interior design exhibit shines at Mitchell Gallery”
The Capital, September 30, 2015

Santa Fe: "Our view: This fall take a break"
New Mexican, September 27, 2015

Annapolis: "St. John's college exhibit invites you to explore homes of the 19th century"
The Capital, September 21, 2015

Christopher B. Nelson: “It’s Time To Bring Serious Questions Back To Presidential Debates”, September 18, 2015

Christopher B. Nelson: "Salary isn’t the Only Measure"
Inside Higher Ed, September 14, 2015

Santa Fe: "A talent to a muse: Brooklyn Rider"
New Mexican, September 11, 2015

Christopher B. Nelson: “You Know That Newfangled Self-Management Idea At Zappos? A Tomato Processor Has Nailed It For Years”, September 4, 2015

Santa Fe: "St. John's campus, Santa Fe bridge, pueblo site added to national registry"
New Mexican, August 28, 2015

Santa Fe: "St. John's campus, Santa Fe bridge, pueblo site added to national registry"
New Mexican, August 27, 2015

Annapolis: “A moving experience for St. John’s freshmen”
The Capital, August 26, 2015

Santa Fe: "The past 100 years, August 26, 2015"
New Mexican, August 25, 2015 

Santa Fe: "New President, St. John's College, Santa-Fe"
Inside Higher Ed, August 25, 2015

Annapolis: "St. John's College students in Annapolis begin fall semester Thursday"
The Capital, August 24, 2015

Santa Fe: "Have We Lost 'It' in Education?"
eMissourian, August 20, 2015 

Christopher B. Nelson: “Why Millennials Will Improve Your Company”
Huffington Post, August 12, 2015

Santa Fe: "Walker: Oh, the humanities!"
Morning Sun, August 12, 2015

Santa Fe: "Reader View: St. John's hill comes alive with music"
New Mexican, August 8, 2015

"STEM Study Starts With Liberal Arts"
Forbes, August 5, 2015

"Private College Financial Health Grades 2015" includes St. John's College 
Forbes, July 29, 2015

Santa Fe: "Hit the Atalaya Mountain Trail from the gorgeous campus of St. John's College", July 28, 2015 

Santa Fe: "High Notes: New Mexico Jazz Festival's 10th season"
New Mexican, July 24, 2015

Santa Fe: "Letters to the editor: Smooth Jazz and Music on the Hill"
New Mexican, July 22, 2015 

Santa Fe: "SFPS program chips away at the teacher shortage with accelerated training for hard-to-fill spots"
Santa Fe Reporter, July 22, 2015

Santa Fe: "Music on the Hill final concert of season: Son Como Son"
Pasatiempo, July 17, 2015 

Santa Fe: "St. John's College reduces 2014 water consumption by more that 1 million gallons"
Santa Fe Reporter, July 16, 2015

Santa Fe: "'Road to Character' brings David Brooks to Santa Fe"
LAMonitor, July 14, 2015 

Santa Fe: Radio: "Documentary Filmmaker, Aimee Barry Broustra, "The Young Ancestors" The Richard Eeds Show - July 8, 2015
KVSF The Voice, July 13, 2015

Santa Fe: Music On the Hill: "Lavay Smith and Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers"
New Mexican, July 10, 2015

Santa Fe: "Lavay's swing jazz and blues tunes are made for dancing"
Albuquerque Journal, July 10 2015 

Santa Fe: "Santa Fean's film captures Native teens' effort to help preserve language"
New Mexican, July 10, 2015

Santa Fe: "3 Questions with Aimée Barry Broustra
Santa Fe Reporter, July 8, 2015

Santa Fe: Our view: This market brings the world
New Mexican, July 7, 2015

Santa Fe: Music On the Hill: "Folk Art Market finds substitute musicians for Community Celebration"
New Mexican, July 6, 2015

Santa Fe: Music On the Hill: "Honduran band replaces South African musicians to launch the International Folk Art Market"
Albuqerque Journal, July 6, 2015

Santa Fe: Hail storm doesn't stop folk artist celebration at St. John's
Albuquerque Journal, July 9, 2015

Santa Fe: Music On the Hill: "Folk Art market community celebration"
New Mexican, July 3, 2015 

Santa Fe: "Jazz plays a big part in New Mexico's summer festival scene"
Albuquerque Journal, July 5, 2015

Santa Fe: Music On the Hill: "Folk Art market community celebration"
New Mexican, July 3, 2015 

Santa Fe: Music On the Hill: "Visa snag may keep popular African band away from Folk Art Market"
New Mexican, July 3, 2015

Santa Fe: Music On The Hill: "In the presence of folklore: musicians Dizu Plaatjies and Ibuyambo"
New Mexican, July 3, 2015 

Santa Fe: Radio: "Soul Kitchen's Hillary Smith & Chris Dracup - Music on the Hill @ St. John's College" on the Voice of Santa Fe
KVSF 101.5, June 17, 2015

Santa Fe: "Local Flavor - Music on the Hill"
Local Flavor Magazine, June 2015 

Santa Fe: Radio: "St. John's plans memorial for former employee"
New Mexican, June 17, 2015

Santa Fe: Radio: Santa Fe Radio Cafe--Aimée Barry Broustra, Graduate student
Santa Fe Radio Cafe, June 17, 2015

Santa Fe: St. John's plans memorial for former employee
New Mexican, June 15, 2015

Santa Fe: "The Mil-Tones Brass Band at Music on the Hill"
Pasatiempo, June 15, 2015

Santa Fe: "Santa Fe Radio Cafe—David Carl, Associate Dean of the Graduate Program"
Santa Fe Radio Cafe, June 12, 2015 

Santa Fe: "Private colleges can offer great deals"
The Intelligencer, June 12, 2015 

Santa Fe: "Jammin' on the hill: Jono Manson with Brothers Keeper"
New Mexican, June 5, 2015 

Santa Fe: "Pick of the Week: Jono Manson"
Albuquerque Journal, June 5, 2015 

Santa Fe: "Santa Fe Campus named a great small college for nature lovers"
Great Value Colleges, June 2015 

Santa Fe: "Lensic Performing Arts Center launches Santa Fe Musical Theatre Festival"
Albuquerque Journal, May 31, 2015 

Santa Fe: "The fighting axolotls of St. John's College"
Asia Times, May 29, 2015 

Santa Fe: "50 College gems with bargain tuitions, SAT optional policies and openings"
Forbes, May 27, 2015

Santa Fe: "Yay! It Up: Local arthouses provide your summer movie fix"
The Santa Fe Reporter, May 27, 2015 

Santa Fe: "St. John's College, Santa Fe, taps new president"
New Mexican, May 27, 2015

Santa Fe: "Mark Roosevelt is incoming president for St. John's College in Santa Fe"
The Albuquerque Journal, May 26, 2015

Santa Fe: "Some St. John's grads not quite ready to move on from 'beautiful' Santa Fe"
New Mexican, May 23, 2015

Santa Fe: "Ex-Pittsburgh superintendent Roosevelt named president-elect of St. John's College in N.M."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, May 22, 2015

Annapolis: “‘The Six Million Dollar Dog:’ Arcadia is St. John's unofficial mascot”
The Capital, May 13, 2015

Annapolis: “Eight area residents graduating from St. John’s College on Sunday”
The Capital, May 11, 2015

Santa Fe: "The many faces of Richard Feynman"
American Scientist, May 11, 2015

PHOTO GALLERY: St. John’s College Graduation 2015
The Capital, May 10, 2015

Santa Fe: "The hills - and valleys - of new mexico are alive with  music"
Albuquerque Journal, May 10, 2015

Annapolis: “Love is in the air: St. John’s named a top small college for dating”
The Capital, May 10, 2015

Annapolis: “St. John’s College to hold 223rd commencement on Sunday”
The Capital, May 5, 2015

Santa Fe: "Bruce Krasnow on Higher Education in Santa Fe"
New Mexican, May 4, 2015

Santa Fe: Literacy program touts student improvement
New Mexican, April 26, 2015

RADIO: “The Annapolis Cup: Drinks, Dancing And, Oh Yeah, Croquet”
WBUR/NPR’s Only a Game, April 25, 2015

Annapolis: “Guest Column: St. John’s promotes arts of liberty”
The Capital, April 24, 2105

Annapolis: “'Annapolis 1865: Peace at Last!' St. John's presentation explores city after Civil War”
The Capital, April 21, 2015

Annapolis: “St. John's reigns supreme in annual croquet match”
The Capital, April 19, 2015

Santa Fe: "Pick of the Week: Pair of accomplished female writers visit St. John's"
Albuquerque Journal, April 17, 2015

Santa Fe: "St. John's College, Santa Fe, recognized as historic district"
Albuquerque Journal, April 17, 2015

Santa Fe: "The Republic of Imagination" and other readings
New Mexican, April 16, 2015

Santa Fe: Adam Sandler and Taylor Lautner Spotted at St. John's College
New Mexican, April 15, 2015

Santa Fe: With a little help from Iconik Coffee, St. John's students get new hangout
New Mexican, April 15, 2015

Annapolis: “’Keep calm and croquet on’: Mids, Johnnies ready to battle for bragging rights”
The Capital, April 10, 2015

Santa Fe: "St. John's added to state's list of key cultural properties"
New Mexican, April 10, 2015

Santa Fe: "St. John's graduate is a pro when it comes to improving your landscape"
New Mexican, April 5, 2015

Santa Fe: "Lunchtime recital series at St. John's"
Pasatiempo, April 3, 2015

Santa Fe: "Filmmaker seeks to give voice to those whose stories are untold"
The Albuquerque Journal, April 3, 2015

Annapolis: “Famous St. John’s alum Ahmet Ertegun’s collection ‘comes home’”
The Capital, March 29, 2015

Santa Fe: Summer Classics at St. John's College
USA Today, March 27, 2015

Annapolis: “Crosses from Liberty Tree roots culminate Maryland Day celebration”
Baltimore Sun, March 25, 2015

Santa Fe: "From classics to concerts, St. John's keeps summer interesting"
New Mexican, March 22, 2015

Santa Fe: Music on the Hill featured on USA Today's "10 Best" list of things to do in Santa Fe
USA Today Ten Best, March 19, 2015

BLOG: “Are We Teaching Millennials to Be Amoral?”
Huffington Post, March 17, 2015

Santa Fe: BOOK REVIEW: "Music and the Making of Modern Science"
Physics Today, March 12, 2015

Santa Fe: "St. John’s grad gives Santa Fe a direct source for Alaskan salmon"
New Mexican, March 11, 2015

Santa Fe: "Questions and answers with Peter Pesic"
Physics Today, March 10, 2015

Annapolis: “Schoener Steps on the Gas at Scholium”, Feb. 28, 2015

Annapolis: “Will your city get Shakespeare’s First Folio?”
The Washington Post, February 26, 2016

Annapolis: “St. John’s gallery to display copy of Shakespeare's first collection of plays”
The Capital, February 26, 2015

RADIO: “Great Books and Liberal Education: St. John’s College”
Annapolis President Christopher Nelson talks about a St. John’s education on “Humanities Connection.”
WYPR, February 26, 2015

Annapolis: “At In Vino Veritas, there will be wines, whiskeys and fabulous treats to sample”
The Capital, February 26, 2015

Santa Fe: "St. John's College hosts St. Mary's College scholar"
The Santa Fe Reporter, February 25, 2015

BLOG: “Hey Zuckerberg, Here’s a Suggestion: Add a Classic to Amp Up Your Book Club”
Annapolis President Christopher Nelson notes that for top executives being innovative at choosing reading materials and creative work methods have equal importance.
Huffington Post, February 20, 2015

Santa Fe: "Learning about Islam, jihad"
The Albuquerque Journal, February 17, 2015 

Santa Fe: "Happy Darwin Day. Will we heed his time-tested wisdom?"
Forbes, February 16, 2015 

Santa Fe: "Alumnus tapped for house project"
The New Mexican, February 1, 2015

BLOG: “Have a Bite of Humble Pie Before Heading to the Office”
Annapolis President Christopher Nelson looks at humility as a desirable attribute.
Huffington Post, January 30, 2015

Annapolis: “What is a perceptual painter?”
The Capital, January 25, 2015

Santa Fe: "St. John's programs aims to foster innovation among state's teachers"
The New Mexican, January 24, 2015

Santa Fe: "Author connects his two life passions: physics and music"
The Albuquerque Journal, January 23, 2015 

Santa Fe: "The sounds of science: Peter Pesic"
The New Mexican, January 23, 2015

Santa Fe: "István Fehérváry, 1925-2014: Hungarian patriot was key to ‘every fun thing’ at St. John’s College"
The New Mexican, January 22, 2015

Annapolis: "500 honor Martin Luther King Jr. at Annapolis concert"
The Capital, January 12, 2015