Report a Crime or Emergency

If Public Safety does not respond, call 911.

Contact Information

PurposePhone Number
Police/Fire/Ambulance Ext. 2000 or 443-336-2348
Medical Emergency Ext. 2000 or 443-336-2348
St. John's Public Safety Ext. 2000 or 443-336-2348
St. John's Public Safety - Emergency 443-336-2348
St. John's Public Safety Desk (non-emergency) 410-626-2533
Assistant Dean of Students 410-626-2512
Annapolis Police Department 410-268-4141

e2campus Emergency Alert System

To aid in the establishment of a more safety-conscious community, the director of Campus Safety and the assistant dean can issue alerts via text to notify the community of serious crimes and other dangerous situations via the St. John’s exclusive alert system, e2 Campus. These alerts may contain descriptions of emergencies along with basic instruction on what to do. Sign up here for text alerts; alerts can also be disseminated via the campus email system or through the campus landline voicemail system.