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St. John’s is one college with two campuses in historic state capitals: Annapolis, Maryland and Santa Fe, New Mexico. Students may transfer to the other campus to experience college life in a different setting.


Graduate Institute Anniversary Logo Announcement

Graduate Institute

Celebrating 50 Years of the Graduate Institute

Learn how the Graduate Institute came to life as the Teachers Institute in the summer of 1967 on the Santa Fe campus. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Graduate Institute, events will be held on both campuses during Homecoming festivities.

Annapolis Santa Fe Open Road Trip 2017 St Johns.jpg

SJC Road Trip

Exploring the Johnnie Way: Annapolis to Santa Fe

The road trip lasted eight days and covered 2,544 miles, including detours to meet St. John’s alumni along the way. It was full of interesting sights, delicious meals and, more importantly, great conversations.

View from the JOHNNIE CHAIR

Who better to offer a glimpse of Johnnie life than a St. John’s student? The Johnnie Chair is a student-run blog about life, learning, and the people who make the college such a special place.