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Undergraduate Program

The liberal arts are at the heart of St. John’s College and its wide-ranging, interdisciplinary curriculum focused on the most important books and ideas of Western civilization. All classes are conducted seminar-style, with faculty facilitating the discussion. Areas of study include philosophy, literature, history, mathematics, economics, political theory, theology, biology, physics, music, chemistry, and languages, offering a truly comprehensive liberal arts education.

The Curriculum

The humanities, sciences, and arts curriculum includes four years of literature and philosophy that focuses on discussion about great works and great ideas. Students translate selected texts in Ancient Greek and French, while learning about the nuances of important texts and examining their deeper meaning. There are four years of language tutorial and three years of foreign language study (three semesters of Greek, three semesters of French, and two semesters of English prose and poetry).

The Program also includes three years of laboratory science including biology, physics, and chemistry, plus four years of mathematics. Students read the texts of renowned scientists and mathematicians from Archimedes to Galileo, and then recreate the same laboratory experiments and math exercises that these masters pioneered. By experiencing the process in a collaborative team environment, students are better able to learn, analyze, understand, and master complex concepts.

Students also investigate music through two years of study in sight singing and music theory, where they study the work of great composers such as Bach, Mozart, and Wagner, and grow as musicians and thoughtful listeners.

Students quickly discover that the common, shared course of study fosters a tightly knit sense of community and with it the opportunity to discuss and debate important ideas outside of class and across both campuses. This social environment provides a broader and more useful learning experience than any traditional course of college study.