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Whether you are a member of the class of 1937 or 2017 or any year in between; attended seminars in McDowell Hall or Santa Fe Hall; your favorite tutor was Buchanan, Klein, Bart, Brann, Venable, or Le Cuyer; your favorite author was Plato, Aristotle, Maimonides, Aquinas, Lao Tzu, or ibn-Tufayl—we all share the common bond of having experienced the rigors and excitement of our distinctive Program, and the splendid intensity of our unified community of learning. We are all Johnnies!

This is your place to connect, engage, and participate. If you’re looking to connect with fellow alumni, interested in attending events, craving good conversation around the seminar table, seeking career resources, exploring ways to volunteer, or simply wanting to browse The College magazine, we’ve got you covered!