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Alumni Association Officers, Directors, and Representatives


Tia Pausic (A86) – President
Briana Saussy (A03, SFEC05) – President-elect, Nominating Committee
Adrian Trevisan (A84) – Past-President
Babak Zarin (A11) – Treasurer
Susann Bradford (SF89) – Secretary

Directors at Large (Working Group Liaisons)

Claiborne Booker (A84) – Alumni Giving Council
Elihu Dietz (SF06) – Chapters & Regional Events
Josephine Escalante (A92) – Career Services Working Group
Elisabeth Long (A86) – Strategic Communications
Mark Parenti (AGI92) – Chapters & Regional Events
Merry Peckham (SF07) – Alumni Giving Council
Sabina Sulat (A87) – Student Engagement Working Group
Billy Trabaudo (SF16) – Strategic Communications
Heather Upshaw (SF04) – Alumni Leadership Forum
Sheila Virgil (A88) – Admissions Advisory Group
Katarina Wong (A88) – Alumni Leadership Forum

Ex-Officio: (Director of Alumni Relations)

Director Emeritus: Allan Hoffman (A49)

Alumni-elected Members of the Board of Visitors and Governors

Each year under the auspices of the Alumni Association, St. John’s alumni elect one of their own to a three-year term on the college’s Board of Visitors of Governors. The alumni-elected members currently serving are:

Tia Pausic (A86) – Ex Officio
Christopher Denny (A93)
Leslie Kay (SF83)
Linda Stabler-Talty (SFGI76)