Alumni Association Officers, Directors, and Representatives


Josephine Escalante (A92)—President
Katarina Wong (A88)—President-Elect, Nominating Committee
Mark Parenti (AGI92)—Past President, Awards Committee
Melissa Novotny (SFGI13)—Treasurer
Sarah Schoedinger (A92)—Secretary

Directors at Large (Working Group Liaisons)

Richa Bhattarai (A18)—Career Services Liaison 
Michael Busch (A00)—Events Liaison 
Erin Croke (SF04)—Chapters Liaison  Jacob Greenstine (A10)—Chapters Liaison 
Dave Harman (SF94)—Communications Liaison 
Brett Heavner (A89)—Career Services Liaison  Joy LeCuyer (SFGI12)—Communications Liaison 
Beth Martin (A94)—Project Management Leader
Hayden Pendergrass (A14)—Alumni Giving Council Liaison 
Amrit Singh (A15)—Students and Recent Alumni Liaison 
Pari Situala (SF16)—Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Liaison   
Hardison Wood (A98)—Alumni Giving Council Liaison 

Director Emeritus: Allan Hoffman (A49) 

Ex-Officio: Kelsey Miller (A10), Associate Director of Volunteer Leadership

Alumni-elected Members of the Board of Visitors and Governors

Each year, via the Alumni Association, St. John’s alumni elect one of their own to a three-year term on the college’s Board of Visitors of Governors. The alumni-elected members currently serving are:

Josephine Escalante (A92)—Ex Officio
Leslie Kay (SF83)
Tia Pausic (A86)
Sarah Shepherd (SF05)