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Alumni chapters are independent gatherings of like-minded alumni that offer a variety of vibrant programming, including seminars, cultural outings, wine tastings, and other social events. Joining or starting a chapter is a great way to stay in touch with other Johnnies in your area and continue the conversations that began in your very first semester at St. John’s.

The Alumni Association Chapters Working Group facilitates information flow between the Alumni Association Board and other alumni groups, and the sharing of ideas, best practices, and success stories within groups. Many chapters post information about their meetings on the alumni networking platform for St. John’s College, SJC Connect, while others maintain their own contact lists. For assistance identifying a chapter near you, please contact Jacob Greenstine (A10) or My Nguyen (A09).

Annapolis, Maryland

Chapter Lead: Beth Martin, bethmartinsjc(at)

Asheville, North Carolina

Chapter Lead: Ryan Bell, ryanwaynebell(at)

Baltimore, Maryland

Chapter Lead: Alistair Morrison, alistair(at)

Chicago, Illinois

Chapter Lead: Susan Holton, svholton(at)


Chapter Lead: Eunbee Yu, sjc.alumni.korea(at)

Lansing, Michigan

Chapter Lead: Emily Nisch, emilymichiganstate(at)

New York, New York

Chapter Lead: Daniel Van Doren, dvandoren(at)

Oakland, California

Chapter Lead: Nathan Stalnaker, nathan.stalnaker(at)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Chapter Lead: Jacob Greenstine, ajacobgg(at)

Portland, Oregon

Chapter Lead: Andrew Ackman, aeackman(at)

Princeton, New Jersey

Chapter Lead: Adrian Trevisan, alumnisjcnj(at)

Seattle/Puget Sound, Washington

Chapter Leads: Kathleen Bennett & Lance Kirmeyer, seattlesjcalum(at)

Twin Cities, Minnesota

Chapter Lead: Nicholas Colten, njcolten(at)

Washington, DC

Chapter Lead: George Dolan, events(at)

Chapter Lead: Richard Schmechel, seminar(at)

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