Alumni Association Working Groups

Working Groups

Working Group Project Manager: Katarina Wong (A88)

Admissions Working Group

The Admissions Working Group collaborates with the college’s Admissions Office to:

  • Partner with the alumni community to identify alumni volunteers for such initiatives as college fairs and adopt-a-school programs
  • Assist with volunteer training

Project Leader: Melissa Novotny (SFGI13)
Staff: Natalie Blais (SF94) | 505-984-6180 | natalie.blais(at)

Affinity Program Working Group

The Affinity Program Working Group works to cultivate alumni engagement with the college through alumni’s personal and professional interests


  • Sarah Schoedinger (A92), Process Leader
  • Sheila Virgil (A88), Class Chairs Leader
  • Michael Busch (A00), Affinity Group Leader – Extracurricular Interests
  • Elisabeth Long (A86), Professional Affinity Group Leader – Librarians
  • Patrick Schaefer (A00), Professional Affinity Group Leader – Policy

Staff: Maia Banks | 410-295-5532 | maia.banks(at)

Alumni Giving Council

The Alumni Giving Council (AGC) is a group of volunteers who cultivate a culture of philanthropy among alumni by encouraging financial support for the Fund for St. John’s College. The AGC:

  • Provides ideas, advice, and feedback to the college’s annual giving staff on new and continuing fundraising efforts
  • Recruits new volunteers to participate in Alumni Giving Council programs
  • Makes direct solicitations for the Fund

AGC Chair and Liaison: Claiborne Booker (A84)
Staff: Mark Piekarski, Director of Annual Giving | 505-984-6104 | mark.piekarski(at)

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee identifies alumni who should receive certain awards and honors from the association. In addition, the Awards Committee determines whether other awards or honors are appropriate for St. John’s, and may recommend any additions or changes to these awards or honors to the board for its consideration. The Awards Committee also ensures that any awards given in the name of the association to students (such as athletic blazers or essay prizes) are meaningful and fairly balanced between the campuses.

Liaison: Tia Pausic (A86)
Staff: Chris Aamot (SF04) | 505-984-6114 | alumni(at)

Career Services Advisory Group

The Career Services Advisory Group works with the Career Services Office in Annapolis and the Office of Personal and Professional Development (OPPD) in Santa Fe to identify, develop, and manage programs intended to assist students and alumni in all aspects of the career and job search.

Liaison: Brett Heavner (A89)
Staff: Jaime Dunn, Career Services Annapolis | 410-626-2500 | jamie.dunn(at)
Charles Bergman, OPPD Santa Fe | 505-984-6067 | charles.bergman(at)

Chapters Working Group

The Chapters Working Group works to facilitate:

  • The flow of information between the Alumni Association Board and other alumni groups
  • The sharing of ideas, best practices, and success stories within groups

Liaison: Maca Olsen (A13)
Staff: Maia Banks | 410-295-5532 | maia.banks(at)

Events Working Group

The Events Working Group is a team of volunteers who work to increase alumni engagement and enjoyment at events hosted at the college. This includes Homecoming at both campuses as well as the annual Annapolis Cup Croquet Match. We partner with college staff in:

  • planning events
  • communicating and promoting events
  • surveying alumni opinion around events
  • providing a welcoming presence for alumni at events and supporting the college wherever possible

Liaison: Jim Berrettini (AGI92)
Staff: Chris Aamot (SF04) | 505-984-6114 | alumni(at)

Nominating Committee

Every year, the Nominating Committee recommends alumni candidates to the board for nomination for:

  • The Board of Directors (at-large directors and officers of the association, i.e., president-elect, treasurer, secretary)
  • Alumni-elected members of the BVG
  • Honorary membership in the Alumni Association
  • The Awards Committee

Liaison: Josephine Escalante (A92)
Staff: Chris Aamot (SF04) | 505-984-6114 | alumni(at)

Student and Recent Alumni Working Group

The Student and Recent Alumni Working Group works to:

  • Increase awareness of the Alumni Association and its activities among students
  • Foster relationships between alumni and students for their mutual benefit

Liaison: Caitlin McShea (SFGI12)
Staff: Kelsey Miller | 505-984-6121 | kelsey.miller(at)