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Why Should You Hire a Johnnie?

Our students are self-directed learners, original thinkers, and problem-solvers.

Throughout their four years at the college, Johnnies analyze more than 200 of the most influential texts and thinkers from across 3,000 years of Western thought: from Plato and Pascal to Adam Smith and Albert Einstein. They learn the foundations of mathematics and the sciences by mastering original proofs and conducting hands-on experiments, beginning with Euclid and journeying through Darwin and Faraday. They read, write, discuss, and dissect the trajectory of knowledge—literally and figuratively.

The rigor and scope of our Program develops self-directed learners who thrive with new and challenging material. They are sharp analysts, creative and courageous thinkers, and clear communicators. They work well in teams, too: they know how to listen, they know how to ask questions, and they know that collaborative inquiry works better for everyone. The end result? Johnnies excel at solving difficult and new problems—just like the ones facing every organization today.

The St. John’s Difference: The “Why?” Advantage.

Why do St. John’s graduates outrival peers in the workplace?

Employers constantly tell us that our graduates bring unique and valuable qualities to the workplace. What are these qualities that we hear about, again and again? Collectively, we call them “The ‘Why?’ Advantage,” and here is one explanation of how this advantage plays out:

A good employee masters procedures quickly, asking “What do we do, and how can I do it well?” But a great employee examines preexisting assumptions, asking “Why do we do it, and how can we do it better?” This “Why?” advantage is the St. John’s difference: our college develops in students the skill of asking the most important, and often overlooked, questions before coming to conclusions.

This precision of thought means that Johnnies are rarely satisfied with the accepted answers. Instead, they provide fresh insight in a hyper-complex world; independent analysis in markets overwhelmed by “groupthink;” and wisdom that develops from 3,000 years of multidisciplinary exploration and knowledge.

Together, these qualities are what the future demands—and where Johnnies’ competitive advantage lies. St. John’s graduates have gone on to become Pulitzer-winning journalists, finance CEOs, tech entrepreneurs, healthcare executives, vaccine researchers, winemakers, architects, school founders, and much more.

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