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January Freshman Program

If you have taken a gap year, are graduating early, or perhaps just can’t wait to start at St. John’s, the January Freshman Program may be for you. Starting in January will allow you to complete your freshmen year before August and start with the rest of your sophomore class. You will also benefit from our reduced tuition of $35,000 and have generous financial aid options. The generosity of our alumni and friends of the college has allowed us to reduce tuition to $35,000 per year.

“January freshmen” in Santa Fe and “Febbies” in Annapolis start their school year in January, continue through the summer term, and become sophomores in the fall. The accelerated schedule allows mid-year entrants to graduate in three and a half years and is an excellent option for transfer students or anyone who does not want to wait until the following fall to enter the college.

Santa Fe St Johns College January Freshmen 2016

Many students count the small size (usually 20 to 40 students) and the closeness of the January freshman class as its greatest advantage. Students get to know their classmates quickly and work closely with the faculty inside and outside the classroom. The program offers an intense and vibrant learning experience, and students make great strides in the first few weeks. With such concentrated studies, the words of Frank Bruni’s recent article in the New York Times about St. John’s ring even truer: “If digital devices and social media yank people from one trumpet blast to the next, St. John’s trains them to hold a note—to caress it, pull at it, see what it can withstand and what it’s worth.”

Being on campus for the summer semester is an added bonus. It’s a lively time on campus: the Graduate Institute is in session, as well as other on-campus summer programs. Two of the nation’s top tourist destinations, Annapolis and Santa Fe are at their best this time of year: the world-famous opera house and mountains in Santa Fe, sailing and beaches in Annapolis, and a multitude of art galleries, museums, and theaters surrounding both campuses.

For additional information, please contact the Admissions Office at admissions(at) or 1-800-331-5232.