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Board of Visitors & Governors

2017-18 Members of the Board

Samuel B. Davidoff (A99)
Matt Davis (A82)
Christopher Denny (A93)
Michele C. Farquhar
Stephen L. Feinberg (H96)
Ronald H. Fielding, Chair (A70)
Stephen J. Forman (A70)
John L. Gray (SFGI12)
Erwin L. Greenberg
Joan M. Haratani (SF79)
Larry Hogan, Governor of Maryland
Harold L. Hughes (A84)
Leslie Jump (A84)
Panayiotis (Peter) Kanelos
Leslie M. Kay (SF83)
Thomas R. Krause (SFGI01)
Donald R. Leopold (AGI14)
Perry A. Lerner
Joseph Macfarland (A87)
Susana Martinez, Governor of New Mexico
Robert Mass, Secretary
Douglas K. Mayer (A76)
Teresa (Tia) Pausic (A86)
Lydia F. Polgreen (A97)
Joshua D. Rogers (A98)
Mark Roosevelt
Pam Saunders-Albin, Vice Chair (H15)
Susan Shamos
Warren J. Spector (A81)
Linda Stabler-Talty (SFGI76)
Delores E. Wolf (H17)

Visitor Emeritus Members

Sharon Bishop (A65)
Ray C. Cave (Class of 1948)
Gregory D. Curtis (H02)
Stewart H. Greenfield (Class of 1953)
Charles A. Nelson (Class of 1945)
Harriet H. Warren (H89)
Julia M. Wilkinson (AGI96)
Warren P. Winiarski (Class of 1952)

Honorary Members

M. Brownell Anderson (H98)
Thomas M. Carnes (Class of 1952)
Anna E. Greenberg (H96)
Allan P. Hoffman (Class of 1949)
Jill Cooper Udall (H14)