Information for Teachers and Counselors

St. John’s has many opportunities for teachers and college counselors, starting with the Graduate Institute, which offers the Liberal Arts Education Certificate, Master of Arts in the Liberal Arts, and Master of Arts in Eastern Classics (degrees that can be designed to fit a teacher’s schedule in the fall, spring, and summer). We also offer convenient week-long classes through Summer Classics and the Summer Teacher’s Institute. Annapolis and Santa Fe are ideal cities to spend the summer. In Annapolis, go sailing, walk through historic downtown, or take an excursion to Washington, DC. In Santa Fe, go hiking, enjoy the opera, or shop for art along Canyon Road. In either city, you can live on- or off-campus.

Master’s Degree and Certificate from the Graduate Institute

The Liberal Arts Education Certificate is designed for teachers to hone their craft over two summers. For teachers interested in the Master of Arts in the Liberal Arts, you can complete the degree over four summers. Full and half-tuition scholarships are available for teachers.

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Summer Classics in Santa Fe

Spend a week in beautiful Santa Fe reading and discussing great books with other teachers during the summer. Live on campus, explore the arts scene, go hiking, and read great books. There are generous scholarships available for teachers and counselors.

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Summer Teacher’s Institute in Annapolis

The annual Annapolis Summer Teacher’s Institute is an opportunity to immerse yourself in a week-long seminar about an important text in American history and culture. Stay on campus in historic Annapolis, the perfect place for a seaside summer getaway. Tuition is free.

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Financial Aid for Educators

St. John’s provides generous scholarships (including full- and half-tuition scholarships) for teachers interested in the Graduate Institute.

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Southwest Scholars Program

The Southwest Scholars program is open to high schools in NM, AZ, CO, TX, OK, and UT that want to form a partnership with St. John’s to provide scholarships and resources for students, teachers, and college counselors.

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St. John’s Fact Sheet

Learn more about St. John’s and our great books curriculum by exploring a fact sheet designed especially for teachers and counselors.

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Interested in your high school partnering with St. John’s at both the undergraduate and graduate level? Contact us about book awards, the Southwest Scholars program, teacher trainings, and more.