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St. John’s College Fact Sheet

St. John’s College, and our iconic great books curriculum, is radically different. Our students, known as Johnnies, pursue a common curriculum where they read the great books and participate in small, discussion-based classes of 20 students or fewer. Instead of having majors and textbooks, Johnnies take interdisciplinary classes that explore ideas in philosophy, literature, math, science, music, language, politics, and more. St. John’s is known as the most rigorously intellectual college in the country, engaging great authors from Plato to Shakespeare, Cervantes, Newton, Austen, Darwin, Einstein, Woolf, and Du Bois—to name a few.

St. Johns College Fact Sheet 2020

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Q What type of student would be successful at St. John’s?

A All Johnnies share one trait: They love books and discussing big ideas. We are a community that unabashedly celebrates the life of the mind. About half of the curriculum is literature, philosophy, history, and language, while the rest is math and science. As a result, many students come to St. John’s because they do not want to choose between subjects they love.

Q What do Johnnies do outside of the classroom?

A St. John’s is located in two of the best college towns in America: Annapolis, Maryland, and Santa Fe, New Mexico. Johnnies walk the cobblestone streets of Annapolis, hike and ski the Sangre Cristo Mountains of Santa Fe, sail and row on the Chesapeake Bay, take in the opera at the world-famous Santa Fe Opera House, day trip to Washington DC, and savor southwestern chili peppers.

Q Is St. John’s affordable?

A St. John’s has one of the most affordable tuitions of any top liberal arts college: $35,000. Our tuition is a result of the generous philanthropy of our alumni. In addition, the college offers significant merit and need-based financial aid that makes St. John’s affordable for all students. The community, as a result, is remarkably diverse, including students from all different backgrounds. Over 20% are Pell-eligible.

Q What do Johnnies do after graduation?

A Anything and everything. Some famous Johnnies includes Francis Scott Key (writer of the national anthem), Ahmet Ertegun (founder of Atlantic Records), Warren Winiarski (creator of Stags Leap Vineyards), Ben Sasse (United States Senator), and Lydia Polgreen (editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post). St. John’s is well known for sending students to top graduate schools. Our internship programs help fund students seeking summer internships.

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