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Annual Fund

Your Gift. Your Choice.

Gifts to the Annual Fund keep the Program strong and impact every aspect of the Johnnie experience. Your gift to any of the funds below supports the ongoing work of the college, enabling St. John’s to maintain its place at the vanguard of liberal learning.

Annual Fund Fund For St Johns Stacked Books
Fund for St. John's

Historically our most popular fund, the Fund for St. John’s keeps the Program strong and enables the college to address priority needs in any given year.

Support the Fund for St. John's
Annual Fund Johnnie Scholarship Fund
Johnnie Scholarship Fund

The transformative power of the Program lasts a lifetime. Gifts to the Johnnie Scholarship Fund alleviate undergraduate students’ financial burden, enabling them to immerse themselves in this powerful educational experience.

Support Johnnie Scholarships
Annual Fund Tutor Fund
Tutor Fund

Tutors are the beating heart of the St. John’s experience. Gifts to the Tutor Fund ensure that our beloved tutors receive respectable compensation as well as opportunities for professional development to keep the Program strong.

Support St. John's Tutors
Annual Fund Graduate Institute Fund
Graduate Institute Fund

The Graduate Institute Fund provides graduate students access to financial aid, assistantships, academic enrichment opportunities, and on-campus housing. It also funds teacher scholarships, lecture series, and student-run publications.

Support Graduate Students
Annual Fund Student Success Fund
Student Success Fund

Through internships and fellowships, Johnnies take their Program insights into the world and explore career and post-graduate interests. Gifts to this fund enable St. John’s to keep internship and fellowship programs vital and strong.

Support Student Success
Annual Fund Student Life Fund
Student Life Fund

The Student Life Fund enables Johnnies to explore extracurricular and athletic interests and engage in activities that enrich their personal health and happiness.

Support Student Life
Annual Fund Library Fund
Library Fund

Johnnies are book people and libraries are our sacred spaces. Gifts to the Library Fund help to address ongoing needs and fund special projects including acquisitions, renovations, and technology upgrades.

Support St. John's Libraries
Annual Fund Staff Excellence Fund
Staff Excellence Fund

St. John’s staff strive to ensure that students and tutors have the resources they need to experience the power of the Program. Gifts to this fund enable the college to address staff professional development needs.

Support Staff Excellence