Carry the Conversation Forward: Establish a Named Scholarship

Through the Freeing Minds campaign, St. John’s took the bold step of cutting tuition by one-third, eliminating more than a decade of price increases.

Even with our more affordable tuition, however, the majority of St. John’s students still require financial assistance, and this need is expected to grow. Demographic statistics indicate that more students will come to St. John’s from lower-income households, and many will be the first in their families to attend college. In this environment, named scholarships help to ensure that future Johnnies won’t have to choose between a St. John’s education and an alternative that can’t quite compare.

What Our Students Have to Say About Your Scholarship Gifts

At St. John’s, conversations are a feast for the intellect and the soul—and your scholarships prepare a place at the table.

Scholarships at a glance

Current-use Scholarships

  • Scholarship meets an immediate need
  • The amount of the scholarship depends upon the amount of your annual gift
  • Can be renewed for as long as you choose

Endowed Scholarships

  • The original gift is invested for long-term growth
  • Approximately five percent of the endowment will be awarded annually
  • Will endure for generations to come

Have questions? Explore some answers.

Download the Scholarship Brochure

St. John’s Guide to Scholarship Giving serves as a handy, printable reference.

Alumni and Friends are Making a Difference

Your gifts to Freeing Minds are keeping the Program strong today while preparing the college for an even stronger tomorrow.

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