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St. John’s College Leadership

College Leadership Team

The St. John’s leadership team includes presidents, deans, and senior administrators from the Annapolis and Santa Fe campuses, working together to serve the interests of the college as a whole. The college cabinet, led by President Mark Roosevelt, oversees college-wide administrative affairs, complementing the work of the faculty Instructional Committees and several campus-specific management committees.

Both Mark Roosevelt, as college-wide president and president of the Santa Fe campus, and Panayiotis (Peter) Kanelos, president of the Annapolis campus, report to the Board of Visitors and Governors, as do the deans. College officers report to Roosevelt while also serving campus-specific needs.

College Officers

Michael S. Duran

Treasurer, Santa Fe and College-wide Financial Officer

505-988-6096 | msduran(at) ​​​​​​| View SANTA FE Treasurer's OFFICE PAGE

Michael Duran oversees Santa Fe finances and budget, human resources, buildings & grounds, conference services, office services, and auxiliary operations. He holds a BS degree with over 30 years’ experience managing finances, operations, and benefits insurances for universities, government agencies, and private organizations. He returned to the college in 2017 after previously serving the college from 1989-2006.

Phelosha Collaros

Vice President of Development and Alumni Relations

505-984-6109 | pcollaros(at)

Phelosha Collaros (SF00) oversees alumni relations, annual giving and advancement services college-wide, and community events and outreach for the Santa Fe campus. She was previously foundation director for the American Society of Radiologic Technologists. A Certified Quality Improvement Associate, she holds degrees in business and public administration from Walden University.

Ally Gontang-Highfield

Treasurer, Annapolis

410-626-2514 | agontang(at)

Ally Gontang-Highfield oversees Annapolis finances and budget as well as personnel, buildings and grounds, and auxiliary operations. With more than 18 years of leadership experience, she has managed financial and administrative functions for nonprofit and higher education institutions in Annapolis and Washington, D.C. She joined the college in 2017.