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Career Success After St. John’s

St. John’s College provides a broad education that helps its graduates succeed in diverse careers, from conventional mainstays to cutting-edge innovative fields. St. John’s graduates thrive in areas like education, business, communication, mathematics, software design, the sciences, health professions, social services, and the arts—often while trailblazing new and creative ways to make an impact. They are leaders, entrepreneurial thinkers and thoughtful problem-solvers in every occupation, including those they invent.

Career Services

Current students and alumni are encouraged to contact the Career Services Offices in Annapolis Career Services Office or the Santa Fe Office of Personal and Professional Development to learn more about internships, job opportunities, professional networking, and applying to graduate schools.


Ariel Internship Program (Santa Fe)

Hodson Trust Internship Program (Annapolis)

Career Fields

St. John’s graduates have held such positions as chief of cardiology, New York Veterans Administration Medical Center; vice president, America’s Development Foundation; West Africa correspondent, New York Times; vice president for research and development, Atmospheric and Environmental Research, Inc.; radio host of “World of Opera.” Many are widely respected and cited for groundbreaking contributions to their chosen professions. Hear from alumni about how their St. John’s education prepared them for their careers.

A recent survey of alumni shows the wide range of career paths followed:

  • Education, 19%
  • Law, 10%
  • Business, 20%
  • Health/Medicine, 9%
  • Communication and the Arts, 15%
  • Social Sciences, 2%
  • Computers/Sciences, Mathematics, 8%

Graduate and Professional School

Nearly 70 percent of St. John’s alumni pursue advanced degrees; approximately 15 percent of each graduating class directly matriculates into some of the nation’s top graduate and professional schools.

The Higher Education Data Sharing Consortium (HEDS) has reported that St. John’s is in the top two percent of all colleges and universities in the nation for percent of alumni who go on to earn PhDs; the Annapolis campus is first in the percentage of graduates who earn PhDs in the humanities. Moreover, HEDS reports that St. John’s is in the top four percent for alumni earning PhDs in science or engineering.

St. John’s students benefit from a robust internship program and a worldwide network of alumni mentors.

Awards and Fellowships

St. John’s students earn scholarships and fellowships for graduate study. Examples of fellowships include:

Ask an Alumnus

St. John’s alumni are the best evidence of the valuable skills learned and talents nurtured. They exhibit excellence of intellect and imagination—qualities that help them flourish in their careers and their personal lives. These Johnnies have volunteered to address your questions about their college experience and how they have been able to succeed in their chosen career.