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This is Where Your St. John’s Experience Begins

Why St. John’s

St. John’s has one academic program: reading and discussing the great books of Western civilization. Alongside names such as Plato, Shakespeare, Euclid, Nietzsche, Einstein, and Austen, Johnnies wrestle with ideas in interdisciplinary classes with fewer than 20 students. The shared academic experience includes no required lectures, majors, or back rows. Johnnies are original and unconventional, love big questions and discussion, and debate the thinkers, authors, scientists, philosophers, musicians, mathematicians, politicians, and more who changed our world.

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"St. John's is a place in which people are obsessed with Great Books and discussing Great Books and challenging ideas, gather and do just that."

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Campus Virtual Tours

Take a virtual tour of our Annapolis or Santa Fe campus.

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The Johnnie Chair is a student blog about life at St. John's College. The Chalkboard is a blog where you can learn about St. John's from admissions officers.

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