St. John’s College Updates

This page will be updated in the event of an emergency that impacts campus operations.

Updates for Annapolis Campus

Updates for Santa Fe Campus

No current updates.

Updates on Campus Operations

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Information for Employees

St. John’s College Inclement Weather Policy

If inclement weather should occur, staff and faculty will be notified of delays and closings via e2Campus alert by 6 a.m. or as soon as possible if weather issues emerge later in the day. Alerts will include details about the delay or cancellation and may be updated as conditions change. A delay or cancellation will also be indicated on the St. John’s College webpage.

Employees able to work remotely will be expected to continue work as usual. Essential employees should report to campus at their assigned time unless notified by their supervisor. Essential employees required to work during the administrative leave time will be paid double the time.

If travel is particularly dangerous due to inclement weather, the officers of the college may declare a delay or early release of the workday or may cancel the workday for administrative staff. The hours not worked by employees will be granted as administrative leave with no use of sick or vacation time required.

We recognize that everyone’s experiences of driving in inclement weather may differ, or some employees may face other extenuating circumstances (i.e., school closures). It is impossible to completely close the college, even during the most extreme weather conditions, particularly when students are on campus. As a result, when the college remains open or opens late during bad weather, nonessential personnel should use their judgment regarding their work and their safety. The college has a liberal leave policy that permits employees to use their sick or vacation leave for inclement weather absences when an individual’s circumstances make it imprudent or impossible to make it to or to stay at work due to inclement weather. Staff members and associates should communicate their schedule changes to and receive approval from their supervisors in a timely fashion. If the conditions become sufficiently severe that the officers decide to close the college, the closing will be announced through the e2Campus notification system, blast email, and on preselected radio and TV stations.

Employees are encouraged to sign up to receive the e2Campus alerts that Public Safety will send out when inclement weather is impacting campus.