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Alumni Association

Upon graduation, all Johnnies become part of the St. John’s College Alumni Association. The Alumni Association is an independent group that works closely with the college to increase opportunities for alumni engagement.

The association’s mission is to advocate for fellow alumni and the continued excellence of our college by celebrating our distinctive educational experience. We work to connect our community members for shared support and benefit and to foster a culture of generosity and service. The Alumni Association has a board of directors, elected by and from the alumni body, and multiple volunteer working groups. Volunteers create the foundation of the association’s success by lending their time, energy, and expertise in support of the college’s programs and principles. Some volunteer commitments are large and others are quite flexible.

Notice of St. John’s College Alumni Association NOMINATIONS

The St. John’s College Alumni Association wants YOU! The Alumni Association Nominating Committee seeks your help in finding candidates for at-large directors of the Alumni Association as well as an alumni-elected member of the St. John’s College Board of Visitors and Governors (BVG). Are you or do you know a Johnnie who is active in the St. John’s community and would be a great leader for the Association or the BVG? The St. John’s College Alumni Association (SJCAA) is seeking hardworking and committed alumni leaders with expertise and experience to contribute to the Johnnie community. This is the place to be if you have ideas and can execute them. The SJCAA values the diversity of life experiences and backgrounds of our fellow alumni. We are resolved to create a diverse team and welcome all to apply. The deadline for nominations is March 31, 2023.


Directors at large of the Alumni Association:
  • Serve a two-year term, with potential re-election
  • Participate in three all-day board meetings per year, in person, alternating between campuses*
  • Lead volunteer initiatives and/or chair a working group, including setting working group priorities, managing volunteers, and collaborating with college staff
  • Make a personally determined donation to the college annually—we expect 100 percent giving participation from Directors at large

Working groups and other board initiatives provide a meaningful opportunity to help the college and your fellow alumni in an area that interests you, such as career services, alumni giving, students and recent alumni, chapters, diversity and inclusion initiatives, and regional events. We work to engage Johnnies as students and as alumni. This requires creative, energetic leaders to help make things happen. Directors’ regular responsibilities outside board meetings require 5–10 hours per month, depending on current activities.

Board meetings are where the priorities of the Alumni Association are set and working decisions are made. These daylong sessions alternate between the campuses. Directors are expected to attend in person and cover their own transportation and lodging expenses (limited travel grants are available to alumni who have graduated in the last 10 years). Meeting dates are in late January, June, and September (coinciding with Reunion Weekend and the annual election). Directors are expected to participate in Reunion Weekend activities. Thus, the September board meetings are a full Friday–Sunday commitment.

Alumni-elected member of the Board of Visitors and Governors:
  • Serves as an alumni member of the BVG for a three-year term, with potential re-election
  • Participates in all or most BVG meetings (normally three per year, in person, alternating between campuses)*
  • Makes a personally determined donation to the college annually
  • Holds the respect and attention of other members of the BVG

The role of the alumni-elected BVG member: Alumni-elected members of the BVG do not serve as representatives of the SJCAA. Their duty is to advance what they consider to be in the best interests of the college. Alumni-elected members of the BVG have all the rights, responsibilities, and privileges of any other BVG member. It is expected that alumni-elected members to the BVG will serve in good faith and in adherence to the standards and obligations of that board, which are primarily to attend meetings, to make personally significant annual donations, and to act as a fiduciary, giving true counsel and service to the board and the college. Alumni-elected members of the BVG may also be requested to communicate with the SJCAA Board of Directors periodically on non-confidential activities and deliberations of the BVG. Please note that alumni-elected BVG members are responsible for their own expenses related to their board service, including travel and lodging costs to attend meetings.

* Currently,  some meetings are being conducted virtually, which is subject to change.


Our bylaws designate 12 at-large directors—six elected in even years and six in odd years for two-year terms—and one alumni-elected member to the BVG every year for a three-year term, and call for us to try to create a diverse board that reflects the alumni body. We take into account class decade, campus affiliation, degree (undergrad or graduate), geographic dispersion, personal background, expertise and experience, as well as other criteria. We cannot guarantee that every person nominated will be placed on the ballot in the upcoming September 2023 election, but we can guarantee that the nominating committee will enthusiastically review all nominees.

While we accept annual nominations from our alumni community, alumni also have the opportunity to offer a candidate by petition in accordance with Article VIII, Sec. 5 of the Bylaws of the Alumni Association.

To submit a nomination (or to nominate yourself), please send an email to sjcaa(at) Include the nominee(s)’s name, graduation year, campus and degree, contact information, a detailed biographical sketch outlining background and experience—including volunteer work for the St. John’s community—and any information that may be useful to the nominating committee, including experience speaking to the nominee(s)’s suitability for the role(s). 

Please submit nominations no later than March 31, 2023.

Thank you for your consideration. Active alumni participation is invaluable to the health and continued future of the Alumni Association and the college.

St. John’s forever!

Katarina Wong (A88) President-Elect, SJCAA SJCAA Nominating Committee Chair

An Open Letter to the St. John’s College Community on Race, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion from the St. John’s College Alumni Association Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Alumni Association commits to helping build a community of inclusion where members who are Black, Indigenous, and Persons of Color are not only valued and respected, but are supported to contribute, thrive, and succeed. To that end, the board has developed a plan of action to help address issues of race, diversity, equity, and inclusion. Learn more by reading the SJC Alumni Association Board’s Open Letter to the St. John’s College Community on Race, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Anyone interested in working with the Alumni Association on the initiatives outlined in the letter is encouraged to contact members of the board at alumni.association(at)