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Alumni Association

Upon graduation, all Johnnies become part of the St. John’s College Alumni Association, an independent group that works closely with the college to increase opportunities for alumni engagement.

The association’s mission is to advocate for the continued excellence of our college and fellow alumni by celebrating our distinctive educational experience. We work to connect our community members for shared support and benefit, and foster a culture of intellect, generosity, and service.

The Alumni Association has a board of directors, elected by and from the alumni body, and multiple volunteer working groups. Volunteers are the foundation of the association’s success, lending their time, energy, and expertise in support of the college’s programs and principles. Some volunteer commitments are large and others are quite flexible.

To learn about the various ways that these volunteer opportunities have significantly contributed to the alumni community, read Alumni Engagement: 5 Years of Milestones.

Results of Elections and the Annual Meeting

The 2016 annual meeting of the St. John’s College Alumni Association was held June 5 on the Annapolis campus. During this meeting, alumni elected new officers, heard reports on Alumni Association activities, discussed the college reorganization, and approved two formal statements—one to acknowledge and thank Christopher Nelson for his many years of excellent service as president of the Annapolis campus and another to express support for the college community during the current reorganization.