Celebrate St. John’s College This Fall


Pride has a number of connotations—some of them positive, some negative. When we talk about being proud of St. John’s College, as alumni, what do we mean?

There is a Greek word that captures the essence of what we mean by “JohnnieProud.” The word is φιλὁτιμο.

φιλὁτιμο—a love for the honorable; a pride in community and friends; a “doing the right thing” for the sake of the good, the beautiful, and the true.

At Homecoming this fall, we celebrate our pride in St. John’s College. We don’t often use this term in connection to St. John’s, but we have much to be proud of, especially this year when the rigor and richness of our Program is gaining greater visibility in the wider world at the same time that our education is being made more accessible to all through Freeing Minds: A Campaign for St. John’s College.

Come back home this fall to celebrate St. John’s College. Reconnect with the people and return to the places that made you who you are today. Renew your curiosity and thirst for deeper understanding. And most of all, rediscover this unique community and reclaim your sense of pride in being a Johnnie!

Registration is now open—join us at Homecoming 2019!

Join Us for Homecoming

Homecoming Banner Concept 2019 St Johns College

Why Come Home for Homecoming 2019?

Reconnect With People

Home is where the heart is, and Johnnies keep the college close in their hearts. Come to Homecoming and renew the ties that bind our community together, and remember all the great things that makes this place special.

  • Welcome home reception—reconnect with your classmates.
  • Faculty/Alumni lunch—renew ties with the tutors.
  • Sunday brunch—mimosas … need we say more?

Return to Place

  • Informal time to hang out—some of the best times are the most informal.
  • Waltz and rock parties—do you still have the moves?
  • Special activities—soccer and croquet in Annapolis, hiking and yoga in Santa Fe.

Revitalize Your Career

  • Wayfinding—a special session this year for alumni considering a career change.
  • One-on-one meetings with our career advisors.

Renew Your Mind

  • Seminar—the heart of the Program. Return to the table!
  • Concert—Friday night on both campuses feature special concerts.
  • Return to the classroom—remember your Euclid? Ptolemy? Chorus?