Study Away

Students at St. John’s have two campuses to call home during the academic year, plus an array of domestic study away and international study abroad options during the summer. Funding from the college is available to pursue many of these opportunities.

Study in Annapolis or Santa Fe—or both!

With our great books curriculum on each campus, you can spend a year or more either in Annapolis, Maryland, or in Santa Fe, New Mexico. About 15% of Johnnies will move between the campuses during their time at the college. The opportunity to explore two campuses in such different cultural environments is one of the great advantages of the St. John’s experience.

Study in Rome

The Rome Institute of Liberal Arts offers undergraduate interdisciplinary courses on great books while exploring the art and architecture of Rome in order to articulate fundamental questions across disciplines. Discussion-based classes on philosophy, literature, and history are designed together with excursions led by art historians and classicists throughout Italy’s artistic heritage. RILA was created by a tutor at St. John’s.

Study in France

The Marchutz School of Art, in Aix-en-Provence, France, strengthens students’ ability to see and to be more aware of the relationship between perception and artistic expression. Painting in the environs of Cezanne’s beloved mountain, Sainte Victoire, students enhance their creative work with the weekly seminar, which combines art history, theory, and practice. The Marchutz program welcomes people at all levels of art experience who want to look deeply into nature, the art tradition, and into themselves.


Johnnies in Oxford 2024. For the second year, current undergraduate and graduate students, and alumni can enroll in the Oxford, England summer program. The bespoke two-week program has been carefully designed for Johnnies to apply their knowledge of Great Books to focused themes of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) and English Literature. Classes, seminars, and individual tutorials are delivered by Oxbridge educated faculty. The course includes a field trip to London and other local Oxfordshire sites. Please visit the website and contact Academic Programmes Manager, Mr. Christopher Roberts at oex(at)

More About the Oxford Exchange Program

Every summer, Johnnies take classes at universities around the world, including, in recent years, the British American Dramatic Academy in the United Kingdom, the University of Vienna in Austria, the European-American Musical Alliance in France, Yonsei University in South Korea, and the American School of Classical Studies at Athens in Greece.


Within the United States, Johnnies regularly take summer classes at top universities. In recent years, students have taken classes in creative production at UCLA, wildlife biology at the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory, neuroscience and computer science at UC Berkeley, French at the Middlebury Language Schools, architecture at Columbia University, mathematics at Rice University, Jewish studies at the Jewish Theological Seminary, law at Cornell University, museum studies at Northwestern University, poetry at Harvard University, and more.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is easily transferrable for students moving between Annapolis and Santa Fe. For other study away programs, Johnnies are eligible for generous funding from the college.

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