Pathways Fellowship

Program Overview

The Pathways Fellowship enables St. John’s students to transition into graduate study or careers that call for special or prerequisite courses. Through this program, students will be able to enroll, for example, in teacher education courses for the pursuit of public school teaching, art classes in preparation of a portfolio, or pre-medical courses for medical school (these are only a sample of options, not meant to be all-encompassing). St. John’s College is committed to supporting students in the pursuit of such endeavors. Awarded students will receive a maximum grant amount of $2,500. The Career Services Office is available to provide advice and guidance for any part of the application; view more information here


Pathways Fellowship Awards by Discipline

See our complete history from 2013. This document allows you to see courses students have completed in the past. The information is organized by discipline and includes the year the course was taken, the student name and class year, the program/school where the course was offered, and the course location (city and state).