Subjects: An Integrated Curriculum

An Interdisciplinary Major for an Interdisciplinary World

The St. John’s curriculum defies the conventional separation of human knowledge at most colleges. Through our one interdisciplinary major in the liberal arts, all students discover the myriad connections between literature, science, philosophy, math, music, and language by reading the books that investigated and established these disciplines. This all-required curriculum prepares students for a world in which adaptability and change will be central to both personal and professional well-being.

What subjects Do Students Study at St. John’s?

St. John’s bachelor’s degree is also in the liberal arts. If the St. John’s Program were to be analyzed in credit hours to constitute traditional majors and minors, the coursework would correspond to two majors: one in history of mathematics and science, and the other in philosophy, including metaphysics, ethics, and political theory. The minors would be in classical studies and comparative literature. Beyond these fields, students also explore language, history, politics, law, economics, music, art, theology, math, science, and psychology.

Remember, St. John’s students don’t have to choose subjects—Johnnies study them all.

Classical Studies and Greek

Freshmen begin by learning the elements of ancient Greek grammar. By the end of the year, freshmen have learned enough Greek to translate with the help of a lexicon and notes.

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The study of French at St. John’s extends the inquiry into language in new directions. As juniors, students acquire enough grammar and vocabulary to begin translating and discussing short texts.

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History, Politics, Law, and Economics

Around the table and outside the classroom, students discuss ancient ideas that have shaped our world—especially relating to history, politics, law, and economics.

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Students study great works of literature at St. John's. Through seminar and language tutorial, Johnnies learn to deeply understand assigned readings and apply what they've learned in the world.

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Students study original and influential works of mathematics, demonstrating hundreds of theorems to one another in class.

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Music and the Arts

Students at St. John’s engage with great works of music and art. Johnnies take two years of music but the opportunities to sing, play, and dance extend far beyond the classroom.

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The Natural Sciences

St. John’s students study physics, biology, and chemistry through books and experiments that help them face difficult, basic questions and to see how they might be answered.

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Philosophy, Theology, and Psychology

At St. John’s, students get to know themselves inside and outside the classroom as they explore some of the most interesting minds of the Western world.

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