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Apply to the Graduate Institute

Admissions Process

The purpose of the admissions process is to determine if applicants have a clear understanding of the program for which they are applying, a serious commitment to the work of that program, and sufficient ability and preparation to undertake that work. The admissions process is personal and holistic; we are happy to help guide applicants through the process.

Graduate Institute Application

Apply online for the St. John's College Graduate Institute.

Apply Online


To ensure full consideration and enough time to complete all application, financial aid, and registration steps, students should apply by the priority deadlines listed below. After these deadlines, the Graduate Institute will accept applications on a rolling basis for each term until all spaces are filled. The admissions committee strives to return all decisions within four weeks of submission.

Enrollment Terms and Priority Deadlines
Enrollment Term Priority Deadline
Fall—In Person or Online July 1
Spring—In Person or Online November 1
Summer—Online* April 1
Summer—In Person* May 1

*First day of classes for summer term is determined by modality allowing for two different application deadlines

Application Requirements

The Graduate Institute welcomes applications for admission from qualified individuals with a bachelor’s degree; no particular field or major is required. Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores are not required. There is no application fee.

In addition to the application form, you will be asked to submit: