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Graduate Student Aid

In order to make the programs of the Graduate Institute available to men and women of diverse circumstances, the college makes an effort to close the gap that may exist between the cost of these programs and students’ financial resources. This financial assistance takes the form of St. John’s grants and low-interest loans through the Stafford Loan Program, and is awarded on the basis of need. In recent years, at least 50% of the students in the Graduate Institute have qualified for some form of financial assistance. St. John’s grants are applicable only to tuition, while loans may also be used to cover living expenses.

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New Students

Applications for financial aid from approved applicants are processed on a rolling basis. Because the availability of grants is limited, and they are awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis, applicants are urged to apply as early as possible. Applicants are notified of their financial aid award within three weeks of the approval of their admissions applications or of the completed submission of the required financial aid documentation, whichever is later. No action will be taken on a financial application until a candidate is approved for admission.

Students accepted into the Master of Arts in Liberal Arts or the Master of Arts in Eastern Classics have a significantly better chance of receiving the maximum grant for which they are eligible if they are accepted into the Graduate Institute and have completed their FAFSA by the dates below.

Note: New Summer term admitted students need to complete the FAFSA that corresponds with the previous Fall/Spring.

Priority Submission Dates

Priority Financial Aid Submission Dates
Starting term FAFSA CSS Profile
Fall May 1 May 1
Spring September 1 September 1
Summer March 1 March 1

Returning Students

The schedule outlines financial aid application requirements and deposit deadlines for returning students. Returning students should also see Loan Counseling and Application.


Originally founded in 1967 as the Teachers Institute in Liberal Education, the Graduate Institute seeks to preserve a commitment to the education of teachers as a special part of its mission. The Graduate Institute therefore offers special grants for educators.

Financial Aid Deadlines

Term Forms Priority Aid Deadline Deposit Deadline
Supporting documentation if requested
May 1 May 1 (AN)
July 1 (SF)
Spring FAFSA
Supporting documentation if requested
September 1 October 1 (AN)
October 15 (SF)
Summer FAFSA
Supporting documentation if requested
March 1 Mar 15 (AN)
April 1 (SF)

AN = Annapolis campus; SF = Santa Fe campus