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Tuition and Costs

What is the Tuition at St. John’s College?

Tuition at St. John’s College is $35,000 for undergraduates during the 2021–22 academic year, and tuition for graduate programs is between $9,558 and $15,073 per semester. St. John’s lowered tuition in 2018 and offers both merit and need-based scholarships that have made us one of the most affordable liberal arts colleges in the United States.

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description of costs Amount Per Credit Hour
Undergraduate tuition (per academic year) $35,000 $1,029
Graduate tuition (per semester) $9,558 to $19,116 $1,062

What is the Total Cost of Attendance for Undergraduates at St. John’s?

Undergraduate Tuition and Fees for 2021–22

Annapolis Undergraduate Program

Tuition: $35,000
Room and board: $14,518
Activity fee: $510
Other fees: $660
Total: $50,688 per year

Santa Fe Undergraduate Program

Tuition: $35,000
Room and board: $14,278
Activity fee: $510
Other fees: $900
Total: $50,688 per year

Other fees include health center and books in Santa Fe, and health center and manuals in Annapolis. Annapolis class-specific fees, not reflected above, include a student deposit ($200 for freshman/readmits/transfers) and a graduation fee ($100 for seniors). Tuition Insurance is an annual optional charge ($390 in 2021–22) included on all students Fee Statements. Health insurance premiums for 2021–22 are $2,634 for Annapolis and $1,664 for Santa Fe international students. Room and board may vary depending on room type and meal plan selected.

Net Price Calculator

The Net Price Calculator is designed to help families plan for the costs associated with attending St. John’s College. By entering your financial information into the calculator linked below, you will be able to determine the estimated cost to your family as well as estimates of scholarship and grant aid, and loan eligibility.

Please remember:

  • This calculator is not a financial aid application. The FAFSA form, as well as other requested forms, must be completed and submitted to the college as specified by the Financial Aid Office.
  • The estimated aid package produced by this calculator is not a financial aid award letter from the college. Your eligibility for aid at St. John’s will be determined on the basis of the information provided on a complete financial aid application.
  • The calculator is based on the need analysis policies in effect for students currently enrolling, and may change over time (e.g. to reflect inflation and cost of living changes).

Net Price Calculator

What is the Total Cost of Attendance for the Graduate Institute at St. John’s?