Lillian Vanous Nutt Room in the Greenfield Library

Plato through the Years
August 26, 2015 to January 15, 2016


Plato holds a special place at St. John’s College. He is read by freshman during their first semester and his Phaedrus is the last work read in freshman and senior seminar. Plato’s Meno is the first text read by Graduate Institute students. Several members of the St. John’s College faculty have translated Plato's works or written about his works.  So it is fitting to have a display in Plato’s honor.

A blend of old and new works are on display in the Lillian Vanous Nutt room. The “old” comes from the Library’s rare book collection which includes a 1522 Marsilio Fincino edition of Plato’s works, as well as the infamous Henricus Stephanus edition of Plato’s works published in 1578 (this is the edition from which line numbers, which are still used today in modern editions, originated). Also exhibited is an Immanuel Bekker edition of Plato’s works from 1817. The “new “is represented by modern translations of Plato’s works by St. John’s faculty. Rounding out the display are various images of Plato through the years, courtesy of ARTstor.

For more information, or for library hours, call 410-626-2548 or visit the Greenfield Library Hours page. Exhibits are free and open to the public.




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