Lillian Vanous Nutt Room

Exhibits in the Greenfield Library

SJC Student Publications

This exhibit showcases different student publications at St. John's College throughout the years. Several publications are no longer in print, others had long absences before returning, and still others have been in print for long stretches. Some of the publications on display include copies of:

  • The Gadfly
  • Rat-Tat
  • Energeia
  • The Collegian
  • ἱστρία (Istoria)
  • Epoch Journal
  • Oratio

​​​​​​​The items on display have been taken from the library's physical archives for the exhibition. You may also see many of these publications, along with a great deal more, in the St. John’s College Digital Archives. Simply click the link and start searching through the digital archives' numerous holdings. Please enjoy looking into the past of SJC student publications.