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Timeline and Deadlines

The chart below shows a timeline for both admission to the college and applying for financial aid.

Be sure to file the FAFSA by March 1 to be considered for need-based grants, loans, and work opportunities.

Returning students: If you file the FAFSA after March 1, you will be subject to a reduction in your St. John's grant as follows: $3,000 through March 30, $3,500 during April, $4,000 during May, and $5,000 during June and after.

If your family has not completed your 2014 Federal Income Tax Return or are filing an extension, use estimated income figures to complete the forms and submit a copy of the tax extension. Do not miss the filing deadline just because your taxes are not done.

Undergraduate Financial Aid Deadlines

Date Actions
November 15 Early Action deadline #1 for freshman admission
January 1 FAFSA available online at:
January 15 Early Action deadline #2 for freshman admission
January 15
Regular Admission on a rolling basis
All admitted applicants will receive an official financial aid award letter from the college containing information on their grant, scholarship, loan, and work-study package after the FAFSA and all other required documentation has been submitted and processed.
March 1 Deadline for submission of financial aid application materials for returning and transfer students
Deadline for submission of FAFSA for Maryland Residents for state grant consideration
Deadline for work study/campus employment applications
April 1 Spring deposits due for returning students
May 1 Enrollment deposits due for freshmen
Reminder: Apply for student and parent loans
June 15 Fall bills mailed
August 1 Fall payment due to Business Office

Graduate Financial Aid Deadlines

Term Forms Priority Aid Deadline Deposit Deadline
Supporting documentation if requested
March 1 (AN)
May 1 (SF)
May 1 (AN)
July 1 (SF)
Spring FAFSA
Supporting documentation if requested
September 1 (AN)
September 15 (SF)
October 1 (AN)
October 15 (SF)
Summer FAFSA
Supporting documentation if requested
Feb 15 (AN)
Mar 1 (SF)
Mar 15 (AN)
April 1 (SF)

AN = Annapolis campus; SF = Santa Fe campus