Agora: Frequently Asked Questions


How do I post a job or internship?

  • Login to Agora
  • Follow instructions on login page for new users or existing users
  • If you are posting a personal ad, search by last name, first name under "Find Your Organization" in Agora.

What if I forget my password or user name?

  • Contact the St. John’s College Career Services Office at 410-626-2501

How do I activate or inactivate a job?

  • Login to Agora
  • Select "My Jobs"
  • Select the job you wish to edit
  • Change the post date / expiration date to your preference

How do I schedule an on-campus interview?

  • Login to Agora
  • Select "My Interview Schedule"
  • Select “New Schedule Request”

How can I view resumes?

  • Login to Agora
  • Select "Student Search"
  • Specify search by criteria

How do I register for a career event?

  • Login to Agora
  • Select "Career Events" tab
  • Click on "Search" and locate and click on appropriate event.
  • Click on "Register" link

Note about Agora: All passwords are case sensitive. Key in your password in all lower case letters. If this doesn't work, key in your password with all capital letters. If you select "reset password" it will be sent to your e-mail address on file.