Pathways Fellowships Program FAQ



What is Pathways? Established in the fall of 2013, the Pathways Fellowships Program has been created to enable St. John’s students to transition into graduate study or careers that call for special or prerequisite courses.

What is the purpose of the program? Through this program, students will be able to enroll, for example, in teacher education courses for the pursuit of public school teaching, art classes in preparation of a portfolio, pre-medical courses, or study abroad programs. (These are only a sample of options and not meant to be all-encompassing). St. John’s College is committed to supporting students in the pursuit of such endeavors.

What is the difference between the Pathways Fellowships and Ariel Internships programs? Although both programs are geared for preparation toward a career path, Pathways Fellowships are in support of pre-requisite courses needed for application to graduate or professional school programs.  Ariel Internship awards enable students to experience what it is like to work in a specific career field.

Who can apply and how much is available?  For 2013-2014, applications will be accepted from all current full-time sophomores, juniors, and seniors, including international students, on the Santa Fe campus, who are in good academic and disciplinary standing. The maximum award is $2,500, but amounts vary depending on each situation and budget. (Transfer students from Annapolis may apply while enrolled in Santa Fe.) 

What other eligibility requirements are there?  Financial need does not affect a student’s eligibility for a Pathways Fellowship. Students must be returning to either the Santa Fe or Annapolis campus in the fall immediately following their fellowship experience, unless they are graduating seniors. GPAs will be considered for all proposals for credit-granting academic programs.

How many fellowships will be awarded? The number of fellowships varies depending on how much funding is available and the amount of each student’s request.

How do I apply?  Application packets are available in mid-October and must be submitted by noon on the last Monday of the fall semester (December 16, 2013).  The application is designed to prepare you for what you might expect from graduate or professional school applications.  Components include an application form with a budget, an essay explaining what course is being proposed and why it is significant for a student’s future plans, an official description of the proposed course of study (downloaded from internet or copied from a program brochure), and two letters of recommendation (at least one from a tutor).

Can I apply for both the Thorne and Braziel/Lynn Premedical Scholarships AND a Pathways Fellowship? The Thorne and Braziel/Lynn Premedical Scholarships still require separate applications, due the last Monday of the fall semester. (Applications and scholarship information are available at the Career Services office.)  However, if there are worthy applications which cannot be funded through those programs, such applications will be considered for Pathways Fellowships.

How are the recipients of the Fellowship selected?  The Pathways Fellowship Committee, comprised of faculty and staff, considers each application individually on its overall strength and focus. 

What limitations or restrictions are there? If you choose to accept a Pathways Fellowship award, you are not eligible for an Ariel Internship stipend until the following summer.  You may apply for both, but can accept only one.  Pathways Fellowships may not be deferred. If a student decides not to accept the Fellowship, he/she would have to reapply for the following year.  Students do not earn credit toward a St. John’s degree by participating in the Pathways Fellowships Program.  Generally only one Ariel Internship and one Pathways Fellowship can be awarded while a student is enrolled at either St. John’s campus. (Under rare circumstances, a student may be awarded more than one Ariel Internship or one Pathways Fellowship.)

Can I apply to international programs?  Yes, and, in fact, there are a number of study abroad programs which have close ties to St. John’s College, such as The Marchutz School in France ( and the Rome Institute of Liberal Arts (RILA) []  Other international academic and certificate programs also will be considered.

What if I am interested in more than one program?  The Pathways application has room to list up to three course options, asking you to indicate your first choice, and addressing the reasoning behind each program in your application essay.

Should I consult with an academic advisor prior to applying for a Pathways Fellowship?  Yes, it is strongly recommended that you seek advice about courses and programs you are interested in. Committee members are available and the Career Services office has additional resources for your use in determining which direction best meets your needs.


Please contact one of the following members of the Pathways Fellowships Committee:

Bill Donahue, Director of Laboratories,

Claudia Hauer, Tutor,

Susan Kaplan, Associate Vice President of Advancement,

Barbara Lucero Sand, Assistant Director of Career Services,

Margaret Odell, Director of Career Services,

Eric Poppele, Tutor,

Llyd Wells, Tutor,

What if I am awarded a Pathways Fellowship but do not get into a program? Your award stipend will be forfeited and you can reapply the following year. The Committee urges you to consult an advisor about the most suitable programs for your interests before reapplying.

What happens if I have to drop the summer class or do not complete the class with a passing grade? Dropping the class or failing to receive at least a passing grade, could require you to repay the College for the full amount of the Pathways Fellowship. Exceptional circumstances of course will be taken into account.

Is the amount of the Pathways Fellowship taxable?  Pathways Fellowships monies may be subject to federal and state taxes, depending on each student’s own tax situation.  The College does not withhold any taxes from these Fellowships.

For more information about the Pathways Fellowships application, please contact:

The Career Services Office, Weigle Hall, Room 13, 505/984-6066, (Fax: 505/984-6167)