How SJC Students Spend Their Summers

See the 2015 Pathways Awards List


Marina Weber (A16), a Hodson intern, worked at the Annapolis Opera, where she gained marketing and nonprofit management experience in a performing arts organization.


Shayna Jenkins (A15), studied photography at the Santa Fe Community College with a Pathways Fellowship.


Jiayue Zhu (A16, left) at the Heidelberger Pädagogium in Heidelberg, Germany, where she studied intensive German with a Pathways Fellowship.


Evgenia Olimpieva (A14) studied at the Resource Security Institute, Institute for European, Russian & Eurasian Studies, in Washington, DC. Olimpieva provided support for an ongoing project examining the evolution of political reform in Ukraine and conducted research in original sources on the recent political and economic developments in Ukraine.


David Lincer (A15) studied psychology at Rutgers University with a Pathways Fellowship.


Anyi Guo (A14), studied at both the Goethe Institut and Alliance Francaise in Washington, DC, learning more German and French with a Pathways Fellowship.


Ojiugo Uche (A14) at her Hodson Internship at the University of Pittsburgh, Neurological Surgery Department, where she participated in the lab’s research to discover mechanisms of immune system dysfunction of primary brain tumors known as gliomas.