About Caritas Society


A non-profit community membership organization, Caritas Society of St. John’s College has two purposes: 1) to support St. John’s by raising and donating need-based financial aid to students; 2) to promote enduring relationships between St. John’s and the larger Annapolis community. Membership is open to anyone interested in the activities of Caritas. More than 200 people from the Annapolis region and the college are Caritas members.

To join Caritas, download a yearly or lifetime membership form under “Quick Links” above, fill it out, and return it as directed. Call 410-972-4505 or e-mail caritassocietysjc@gmail.com for more information.

Through fundraising, the Caritas Society is able to award eight to ten financial aid grants each year to students whose financial resources are inadequate and are under threat of having to withdraw from school. Caritas supports St. John’s in other ways, too. Examples include:


  • An annual need-based scholarship through the St. John’s College Endowment Fund
  • Five book grants each year from the Weigle Great Books Fund to cover the cost of required books
  • Several $50 memorial donations to the Greenfield Library each year
  • A prize presented at graduation for outstanding service to the Annapolis community by a St. John’s senior. 

Caritas offers members a variety of social, instructive, and entertaining programs and events that promote community relationships. Interests are shared with a network of friends who support St. John’s and its distinctive liberal arts program. Members are also encouraged to take advantage of the many educational and cultural opportunities St. John’s offers to the community. Interesting and entertaining public fundraising events such as the popular “Meet the Authors” program help the membership raise financial aid grant funds.

The Caritas Society does all of this and more. Tell your friends about us! 

Make a donation to the Caritas Society of St. John's College, Annapolis. 

Make a donation to the Caritas Society Weigle Book Fund.

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For more information about Caritas, please contact:

Alexandra Fotos
Assistant Director of Annual Giving
St. John's College
60 College Avenue
Annapolis, MD 21401