Annapolis Preregistration Information

In order to maintain updated enrollment information, it would be helpful for you to complete and submit a new Preregistration Form to inform us of your future enrollment plans.

Assignment to a segment will be made with priority as follows: 1. to full-time students, 2. to part-time students, returning graduates. If spaces remain in any semester after the deposit deadline has passed, they may be secured by late deposits on a first-come, first-served basis.

***IMPORTANT: Before filling out your Preregistration Form, please check which segments are offered during each semester by visiting the reading list page.***

Students' advance deposits of $250.00 are due in the college Business Office to secure preregistered places in the upcoming semesters no later than the following dates:

  • October 1 for the spring semester
  • March 15 for the summer semester
  • May 1 for fall semester

Newly approved students are notified of their first semester's deposit due date if their approval is after the published semester deposit due date.

Upon the college's receipt of your advance deposit by the deposit deadline for each semester, your enrollment in that semester is guaranteed, pending timely payment of tuition and fees.

Tuition and Fees are due in the Business Office by:

  • December 1 for the spring semester
  • May 25 for the summer semester
  • August 1 for the fall semester

Financial Aid: Application for financial aid may be made on-line at The federal code for Annapolis is 002092; for Santa Fe, it is 002093. Send copies of the previous year's W2 forms and federal tax return to the Financial Aid Office. For additional information, refer to the Graduate Institute Financial Aid page, email or call 410-626-2502.

Transfers to Santa Fe: Students must be in good academic and financial standing to transfer. Students who plan to transfer should complete an Application for Intercampus Transfer Form and send a copy to each campus. If a student applies to transfer less than 60 days before the beginning of the semester on the campus from which they are transferring, $50 of the advance deposit will be forfeited.

Part-time Enrollment: Part-time enrollment is possible only in special circumstances with approval from the Director. If you are approved for part-time enrollment, please indicate on the attached form which classes you desire (seminar, tutorial, or preceptorial) and when you wish to take them. Part-time enrollment may disqualify students for financial aid. Students changing from full to part-time or who drop classes may jeopardize financial aid and health insurance coverage through the College.